Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Utah: Part 4 (Baby Shower & Lake Day)

On June 29th, Sarah and I spent most of our time preparing for a baby shower that Sarah was throwing for her good friend Tami. Kevin joined us in the late evening (after his flight came in) and lent a hand by putting together this awesome diaper motorcycle! Tau helped too by carving a watermelon into a baby in a bassinet but I didn't get any pictures :(

The next morning we had the baby shower for Tami (who, as you can see, is now the mother of a BEAUTIFUL little girl) and it turned out GREAT!

In the meantime, the rest of the family had headed over to Dear Creek Reservoir to kick off our family reunion with a little boating (complements of Papa G and the Murdock family!)

Brooklyn went with Grandma and Grandpa to join in on the fun. Here she is with her cousin Malia (3)  getting ready for a fun ride.

She was able to get on a giant tube with Auntie Rachel for her first boating adventure EVER!

Unfortunately, the boat took off a little bit too slow...

And Rae and Brook flipped over, straight into the water! Thankfully, Rachel's mommy reflexes were operating at 100% and she grabbed Brooklyn as soon as they flipped and pushed her skyward so that her head was only under water for a few short seconds!

Surprisingly, the flipping incident didn't shake Brooklyn as much as I thought it would and it wasn't long before she was back on the tube with Uncle Tau for another great ride!

About an hour after the fun began, me and Sarah made it to the lake with Scarlet and Jake in tow. As soon as we arrived Brooklyn ran up to me and said, "Mom! You wouldn't believe it! They said that life jackets save your life from drowning in the water and they REALLY DO!" Scary words for a mom to hear upon arriving at a lake where her kids had been swimming without her! Hahahaha! I guess her flip in the tube left a lasting impression.

Anyway, it wasn't long before the adults headed out on the water, and despite my vehement objections, I was eventually peer pressured to get on the tube. I have nothing against getting wet, or going for a ride, but my only experiences on a tube prior to this trip involved me getting major whiplash, chipping my elbow bone, and even getting a blood clot (from my wisdom teeth being removed) knocked clean out of my mouth! But alas, Munro and his superior driving skills proved to be the perfect thing to get me to enjoy tubing once again :)

And then... the boys got on the tube... providing endless hours of entertainment for the rest of the day!

Munro did NOT drive as gently with the boys, so we were blessed to be able to watch Jake and Kevin biff it into the water over and over again. Tau never got dunked, but he did manage to punch Jake into the drink! (Just kidding, he is actually trying to save Jake in that last picture... hehehe!)

When the boys got tired from the tube, Munro hooked up the rope for a little wake boarding. He and Kevin were the only ones brave enough to try, but they both totally rocked it!

Once Munro and Kevin couldn't feel their forearms any more, we hooked the tube back up and towed our tired boys in for one last ride. Munro gave them a few good whips and spins (sending Jake under a few more times) and then we packed up our things and headed home.

We had so much fun that day at the lake and it was the perfect way to kick start our family reunion. Thanks again to Papa G and the Murdock family for letting us borrow their amazing boat, and thanks also to Munro for being such an awesome driver!

To be continued...


Cindy Uda said...

Awesome Naomi! You need to do a book on the reunion. I will pay for mine. Good job! Love it!

Beccarigg said...

Not gonna lie, totally sad we missed lake day! Those pics look so fun, and hilarious. especially the one of Tau punching Jake, haha!!

Tau said...

All right, it's true. Jake was snuggling too close and I was forced to use my secret palm technique on him. Just kidding. I really was trying to save him, but man that picture tells a different story. Big ups to Munroe and his dad for the boat, it was mad fun!