Friday, September 2, 2011

Some other Stuff we did...

As you've probably been able to tell, we did a lot of things when we were in Utah! Here are a few more that I was able to get pictures of:

We got to visit with my cousin Farrah and her sweet kiddos.

 They played really hard with the rest of the kids! They swam, swung, played video games, ran around like crazy, played with barbies, and ate some good grub! We loved seeing the Jensen's and were glad they took the time to drop by!

Tony and Liz invited us over to their new home for a BBQ on one of the days we were out there. We played at the park for a little while and then enjoyed some very tasty burgers and dogs!

My sister Sarah and I spent some of our down time crocheting monsters for the kids to play with. I wish I had a video of Uncle Tau snowballing everyone with them. Very funny!!!

My sister Rachel and I were able to go out on a lunch date with no kids! We had SUPER yummy Thai food and enjoyed some uninterrupted conversation too.

But one of my favorite things we did BY FAR was our Harry Potter Marathon. Every night when the kids went to bed we would try our best to make it through the Harry Potter movies. I think it took us three days to watch number 2 because we kept falling asleep :) Luckily we managed to finish them all before we went to see number 8 in the theater. It was the perfect way to end our movie marathon!


Beccarigg said...

Family time and sister dates? J-J-J-Jealous! That's all I have to say.

Okay, that and Holy Harry Potter Marathon! Bet that made the final movie that much cooler!

Sarah said...

Aaaaw, that was sooooo fun. Reading all these posts makes me miss you even more. Sorry I'm just getting to reading them. I will be better.