Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Happenings

Just some random things that have been going on at the Hanks house recently:

We decided that before General Conference, we were going to mount our TV on the wall. Just as Kevin was putting in some of the last screws, the drill started to smoke...and then the wall started to hiss. We were all out of the house in about 10 seconds and Kevin was bolting at full speed toward the clubhouse to find the maintenance guys. We thought we drilled through a gas line or something. Turns out it was just the air conditioning lines. We missed the first talk of Conference and had to watch the rest with our TV sitting on our dinner table, but we got things figured out after that. :)

Brooklyn did pretty good with Conference this year. I think she sat and listened to 2 whole talks before all other distractions sunk in. Kevin also made it through 2 whole talks this year. I was very proud of all my kiddos!

Kevin has been having a lot of fun doing laser tag games for birthday parties lately. Brooklyn also has fun when games come up because she gets to help daddy charge and load all the batteries.

Kevin recently discovered that poop can squish up the back of a diaper and onto a baby's back. How did he learn this great lesson? He changed Lily the other day and after he had wiped up all he could see, he turned to grab a new diaper. When he turned back, Lily had squirmed into a different position leaving a trail of poop on my carpet, her clothes, her legs, her hands etc. Kevin freaked a little and yelled, "where the heck did that all come from?" Just then Lily rolled onto her tummy and took off in the other direction, revealing poo smears all the way up her back from crack to neck...lovely! (We decided to post the clean diaper picture instead of the before picture.)

After a dreadful weekend of fighting off a wicked stomach flu, we all decided to reward our survival with a trip to Waterfall Glen. There wasn't really any water, but we all still enjoyed being in nature and seeing the fall leaves.

And for your viewing pleasure:

Lily has officially graduated from army crawling to bear crawling. She doesn't like to be on her knees for some reason so this is how she does it!

Brooklyn still thinks she is a princess and thus, has really gotten into wearing makeup. The other day she stole some of mine (luckily I never wear it) and painted her face red. You just gotta love that girl!


Jennie said...

That was awesome! From the poo to the make-up your house is never dull :) Makes me miss hanging around you guys!

Heidi said...

You sure have two of the cutest and funniest girls in the world! The videos add so much- loved Lily's crawling, and of course the beautiful makeup. You guys are awesome!

Tau said...

I request that you post the poop pictures too. Those girls are so sweet and beautiful. Take care guys!

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

Haha! Malia used to crawl like that too! The wood floor was too hard to put her knees on. She graduated to walking soon after that. Oh, and I had no idea a child could watch two whole talks of conference! That's a flipping miracle!

Natalie said...

I think my favorite part of the videos is Kevin laughing in the background.

We miss you guys!

Munro Murdock said...

Wow, what a fun-filled post...thanks for the laughs and entertainment. Life with young kids (and crazy husbands) is always sure to be one filled with surprise and adventure. I think Brooklyn should do makeup for other girls, too. She's really good at it! I like how she was not at all concerned with the belief that the makeup would never come off. A true princess indeed.

Pae and Guy said...

hahahaha, Brooklyn's gonna be a makeup artist one of these days...i'll be her first customer...wait, i don't wear makeup...anymore...often...Shut up Tau!!

Beccarigg said...

Whatever Chris, we all know you put on Pae's make up when she's not around. haha!

Great post dude, especially loved the videos. I love that Brooklyn knew the make-up was yours but automatically assumed that made it hers too. My girls think the same way. They assume a right to all of my possessions. Nothing is truly mine anymore.

Oh and I agree with Rae, a two year old made it through 2 talks?! Miraculous indeed. Sounds like she did better then her Dad! haha!

p.s. my word verification is "Piging" haha!

Ioane said...

Noa kidnapped my ipod and replayed the videos over and over again. He especially liked Brooklyn's primping. He's always trying to put my makeup on. Miss you guys