Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adventures in New Hampshire

On September 20th at 1am I flew back to Chicago from Utah. On September 21st Jennie flew out to Chicago from Utah, and on September 22nd we packed the girls up in the car and started the long drive to New Hampshire for our next adventure.

We saw a lot of interesting things on the 17 hour drive. This man gave us a thumbs up for taking a picture of his back window.

We stopped many times to get our wiggles out, change diapers, eat food, and take potty breaks. Surprisingly enough, I think I needed the potty breaks more than Brooklyn did!

The first night we slept in Palmyra, New York. The next morning we took a little time to walk through the Sacred Grove before we started to drive again. It was really funny because Brooklyn kept yelling things to Heavenly Father, like how she loves him and how she was happy that he was dropping leaves for her. I'm sure her yelling took the Spirit away from some of the other people there, but it gave me happy warm fuzzies!

Later that afternoon we arrived in Nashua where we would be staying with my awesome big sister Becca! Woohoo!

It didn't take long before we were all outside enjoying the great weather and getting chalked up in Becca's driveway.

Later that night Jennie and I helped Becca make cake pops! I just like this picture because Becca looks so incredibly vertically impaired when she stands next to Jennie! :)

The cake pops were SOOOO tasty and were a great distraction while we were waiting for Taber to come home from the lobster bake he was throwing for his employees.

He even brought some lobster home for us. I couldn't eat it though. Something about eating a giant bug and having to barbarically tear its insides out just got to me. I think I might enjoy it though if someone else did all the dirty work.

The next day Becca took us to an apple orchard while her girls were in preschool. Brooklyn and Lily really enjoyed themselves and the apples were amazing!

Even the adults got great enjoyment out of the trip. We not only got to laugh at Brooklyn when she ripped a whole branch off with her apple, or at Lily trying to gum an apple to death, but we also got to eat YUMMO apple cider donuts and apples straight off the tree. Mmmmmm!

The next day, Taber, Jennie, and I all ran the Applefest Half Marathon. When we were done, Taber and Becca treated us to Outback steakhouse. It was so wonderful to stuff our faces after a run like that. This picture is of the girls in the backseat of the car, waiting to go into the restaurant.

On Sunday we got the girls all dolled up and enjoyed a peaceful sabbath together.

On Monday, Becca was kind enough to watch all the girls PLUS some extra kids while Jennie and I toured Boston.

We saw a lot of fun things, my favorite being Bunker hill, and got to walk out some of our race soreness at the same time.

The next day we packed up the girls and started the drive back to Chicago. We spent a night in Kirtland, Ohio before getting home to Kevin (who had been missing us for a whole month!) and these beautiful flowers he got to let us know he didn't really want to be a bachelor any more!

Thank you Becca and Taber for being such great hosts and Jennie for being the best Taxi driver alive! And thank you Kevin for letting us go play for so long without you. I love you all!


Tau said...

SOunds like a fun, long trip. Kevin is such a sport. Glad u guys made it home safe.

Pae and Guy said...

girls been watching wrestling?

Jennie said...

I love being the best taxi driver alive :) You can call me up anytime if I get to transpot people like you! Can't wait for the Oregon coast trip!!!

Beccarigg said...

Aw, so many good memories! That pic of me and you in Sepia is so cute. You look ridiculously gorgeous in it, hot hot mama! That was seriously hilarious when Brooklyn ripped the branch of the apple tree. And looking back I'm actually quite pleased with how our cake pops came out. That was so very nice of Kevin to let me borrow your family. Next time he'll have to come too!

Natalie said...

I always think how good it is you have Jennie! Plus, a great supportive husband.

Maybe Becca will let me visit her when I run Boston... She seems like a great hostess! :)

Colleen H. said...

Very pretty flowers, Kevin. I love that you thought to get one set for each girl!

Sarah said...

You so totally look hot in the sepia pic. Kevin rocks for letting you be gone so long and getting all those flowers. I'm super glad you have Jennie as your taxi driver and worlds bestest friend (after Kevin of course). The girls looked like they had a blast with their cousins. Becca is the greatest hostess ever. Eating lobsters is carnivorous. I love and miss you guys a ton. Wish Chicago was next to Utah. The end :)