Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy 28th Birthday Kevin!

Today Kevin has officially survived for 28 years! As a tribute to him, Brooklyn, Lily and I sat down and made a list of 28 reasons that we are glad he was born! Here they are in no specific order:

From Lily-

1. Daddy changes my diapers even when I explode and smell like a dead animal
2. Daddy runs me around the living room like a lunatic and lets me chase Brooklyn
3. Daddy lets me ride his shoulders and suck on his hair
4. Daddy rescues me from Brooklyn when she clobbers me or steals my things
5. Daddy plays "Stand up, Sit down" with me

From Brooklyn-

6. Daddy lets me color with pens
7. Daddy makes me fly like a helicopter
8. Daddy reads me books every night
9. Daddy lets me pick up the mail while riding his shoulders
10. "I love his big face!" (Direct quote)

From Naomi-

11. I love the way you make me laugh, tell the same old jokes over and over, and have the sense of humor of an 80 year old man.
12. I love how you try to trick me into looking at you when you are randomly mooning me
13. I love how you come home from a busy day of work and immediately get busy making dinner, changing diapers, and cleaning house
14. I love that you are TRULY the best dad in the whole wide world
15. I love that you text me every random thing you do while you are at work
16. I love how you are willing to try new things and develop new talents even if it means painting your face and taking your shirt off in front of our bishop
17. I love that you can build anything I want you to, and that you actually get excited to do it when I ask you
18. I love that you are self motivated and ALWAYS stick to the goals you set for yourself
19. I love that you buy me fresh flowers every time the old ones die...just because you know I like it
20. I love "camping out" in the living room with you every weekend and watching NCIS
21. I love that you are so low maintenance and can balance out the craziness of a house full of girls
22. I love that you encourage me to be the very best I can every day, and that because of your example, I want to be the very best I can...every day
23. I love that you will go out in the middle of the night to get me candy corn, and then come back with 4 bags of candy...just in case
24. I love it that other girls flirt with you but you don't get it
25. I love how you giggle like a school girl when it is freezing outside and you get to go running in your shorts
26. I love how you totally NERD out every time you are with your siblings
27. I love all the random knowledge you collect and that you love to share it with me
28. I love that you love me, that I know you will always be there for me, that I never have to worry about what you are doing when I am away, and that you are my best friend in the whole entire world! I love YOU Kevin! Happy birthday Monkey!


Beccarigg said...

Best Collage EVER!!! hahahaha! That is soooo Kevin! What a great list and totally true to the birthday boy. Number 12 had me cracking up, don't feel bad, he mooned half of my ward during the Ragnar so you're not the only one. lol! You married an awesome guy Gomie. Happy Birthday Kev-man! We love you tons and hope you have an awesome day!

Sarah said...

Seriously so true of Kevin. I am so glad you and him are together. Happy bday Kev. I hope you have a great day

Natalie said...

I love the collage because it looks nothing like the faces I scanned to find one of Brian to post. Same old smiles from the B-man and true Kevin personality. It's great.

PS: Way to one-up me on the blog post. ;) I considered 30 things for B, but 30 is SO many more than 28. :)

Tau said...

Hey bro we love u too. Hope u enjoyed ur day, even though u guys had dinner with a lil puke on the side...hahaha.