Friday, October 22, 2010

Grandpas are EVERYWHERE!

Because we don't live close to grandparents, Brooklyn sometimes gets a little confused about what her Grandpas look like. She has the basics down and recognizes them immediately in pictures or in person. But occasionally she mistakes similar features in others as being exclusive to one of her grandpas and thus, we get funny stories like these:

The other day I left the TV on the HGTV network while I was cleaning. Suddenly Brooklyn started yelling from downstairs "Mommy! Mommy! Grandpa Uda is on the TV!!!" Vern Yip, who is a designer and judge on HGTV was on screen showing off a new room he had just finished. I had to laugh when I realized that Brooklyn mistook the Asian man as her grandpa.

When we got the September issue of the Ensign in the mail Brooklyn became very excited and started jumping up and down yelling, "Grandpa Uda! Grandpa Uda!" I took a look and sure enough, the man on the front looked a lot like my dad. Funnier yet, after a short pause Brooklyn asked where Grandma was and who the lady was that Grandpa was walking with.

This is the REAL Grandpa Uda with my mom at my sister's wedding. I think he is much more handsome than those other guys!

But it's not just Grandpa Uda that gets Brooklyn all confused. She often mistakes random men for Dell and just last Sunday when we got the programs in church she burst with excitement again when she saw this picture:

She was convinced it was her Grandpa Hanks and in my opinion it looks a lot like him. It might be the hair but whatever the reason, Brooklyn obviously has her grandpas on the mind.

Here is the REAL Grandpa Hanks holding Lily in August when we were blessed to have him and Grandma visit.

And one for the road:

Yesterday when we were going into the library, a random man was walking in wearing a dorky baseball know, the ones with mesh on the back that are really over sized. Any way, Brooklyn burst into laughter when she saw him and then she said, "Look mom! That silly man has a Grandpa Uda hat!" Ha Ha! I had to laugh at that one because she really nailed it!


The Reese's said...

that's so cute! and i can see dell in that picture too...

Tau said...

hey i gave your dad one of my hats...i'm sure brooklyn wasn't talking about my hats too. hahaha. she is a funny lil one.

Rachel Uda Murdock said...


Munro Murdock said...

ha ha...thanks for the great Friday afternoon laughs!

You know what? I think it was Maile that said the same thing about the Ensign when we got really does look a lot like Carl.

I guess our lives before kids must have been pretty boring :)

Ioane said...

Tau makes fun of me for the same thing. I saw dad everywhere in Hawaii. What a cutie

Natalie said...

Haha...funny. I agree that picture does look like Dad Hanks! :)

Tara said...

This is awesome. Makenzie used to do that, too! But when she was even younger, she called all middle-aged people grandma and grandpa. Justin's mom is realllly young (she just turned 48), so I'm pretty sure 40-something ladies didn't appreciate a little girl pointing and yelling, "wook! gwamma!" haha. anyway, those 2 dudes are totally look alikes to her grandpas. I think she is one smart cookie.

Beccarigg said...

Yeah, Brinley was watching conference and when Elder Gong came on she yelled, "PAPA UDA!" And both girls thought the pic on the Ensign was Dad. Too funny!