Friday, March 26, 2010

Creative Thinking

This morning, despite better sleep than normal, I was having a really hard time getting out of bed. Brooklyn was wandering around my bedroom for awhile, crawling in and out of the bed and trying to stay entertained. After some time, she decided she was bored and it was time for all of us to go downstairs to watch Dora the Explorer. She asked me several times to get out of bed and go downstairs but I kept telling her I was too tired. So she decided to try a little trial and error approach.

She started walking down the stairs saying, "Come on Mommy! Come on! I'm waiting."
When I didn't come she changed her tactics, "Mommy, I have to go pee pee! Hurry! Hurry!" After that didn't work she got really creative! "Oh NO Mommy! The bad guys are coming! They're here mommy! Oh no! The bad guys are coming and they're gonna eat my BUTT!!!"

By now I was laughing pretty hard but was still comfortably stuffed under my blankets. Then I heard Brooklyn solemnly coming back up the stairs and thought she had given up. She walked into the room and said, "Mommy, pleeeeeease come downstairs." I told her I would come later but it was too cold in the house right now and I didn't want to get out of the blankets. She looked around pensively and then said, "Hmmmmmm...I KNOW! You need a bra! I'll get it!" She then rummaged through our laundry until she did, in fact, find a bra. She gave it to me and proudly proclaimed, "Now you're ALL better! Come on!"

Well how could I resist that! I finally got my cold and lazy self out of bed and now Brooklyn is happily enjoying an episode of Dora the Explorer while I type this post. Here's to never giving up! Brooklyn, you are truly an inspiration!

P.S. The picture above is of Brooklyn walking around in one of my sports bras that she found and put on (upside down) all by herself. After she put it on she kept telling me and Kevin that she was a beautiful butterfly! I love that girl!


Rob and Tiff said...

I guess if you have to get up for something, she's a good excuse. What a cute little thing she is, and so creative. I'm glad she's looking out for you. :-)

Natalie said...

She's a smart one!

Beccarigg said...

"Oh no! The bad guys are coming and they're gonna eat my BUTT!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Dang funniest thing I've heard all day. All week even! Man she is a funny little thing!

Melynne said...

look out! cannot imagine what she'll be saying at 12! yeah, gray has used the technique of,"my tummy is so empty! who else will feed me if you don't get out of bed?" they are too good at their job at manipulating us!

Ioane said...

First of all what kind of camera do you have. You take the most beautiful pictures of your little girls. The images are so sharp and clear. I love it. Second, I love how Brooklyn talks like she is a tween already. I forget that she is only 6 months older than Noa. It's amazing. What a cutie

Grandma Pratt said...

I am so happy to see my little great granddaughter finally. I'm back on line after virus's and worms. Did you know that Grandpa Pratt's Mother's name is Lily? We are so happy you choose that name.
We love you all.
Grandma Pratt

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

That's hilarious Naomi! Glad I'm not the only mom that can't get out of bed. It's nice to have kids who can fend for themselves, at least until their starving and you finally have to feed them!