Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrapping up the End of March!

March has been an incredibly fun and tiring month for our whole family. Adjusting to a new family member with little to no sleep at times has taken its toll on both Kevin and I, but we are frequently rewarded for our sacrifices by our two sweet little girls!

Brooklyn and Lily are getting along famously! Lily doesn't really have an opinion about anything and Brooklyn absolutely adores her "Baby Lily" (and thus has to be watched very carefully when they are together)! She loves to brush Lily's hair, rock her in her baby swing, kiss her all over, and pick her up...yeah, that one scares me a little!

The girls are now officially sharing a room. It's been hard because they are both exceptionally loud and dramatic children, so when one starts to cry... you better believe its going to wake up the other one! The good things is, no matter how little the amount of sleep they get is, they still wake up happy and sweet!

Every morning after Brooklyn wakes up, she crawls in bed with me and Lily (who usually joins me around 6:30am) and we sing songs together and then Brooklyn tells me she needs to talk to Baby Lily. She then folds her arms across Lily's chest and lays her head on them and proceeds to tell Lily about her bear, the pink giraffe that slept with her, the snakes that are hiding in her bed, etc. Its really quite a wonderful thing to watch and sometimes, very humorous as well!

One of Brooklyn's very favorite things to do, is help me get Lily dressed up. She really gets a kick out of getting "pretty" and I'm afraid poor Kevin is going to be severely overwhelmed with pink ribbons and frilly bows before too long!

This new obsession with bows and dress-up is partially to blame on Aunt Janna! She sent Brooklyn a whole package of bows and hair clips that she handmade and Brooklyn was ecstatic! She put every single one of them in her hair at once and wouldn't let me take them out until she went to bed that night!

But its not always pink frills and bows around our house. Kevin and the girls take the time to sit down and watch some good episodes of NCIS or 24 together every once in a while. Instead of the theme songs from Wonder Pets or Dora the Explorer, we get to enjoy an hour or two of gunshots and explosions...a fact that makes Kevin very happy but has unfortunately taught Brooklyn to tell us we are "killing" her every time we make her do something she doesn't like. (I don't know what Kevin and Lily are watching in this picture, but according to both of their faces, it is REALLY interesting!)

As for me, I can now say that I can operate as a stable and happy individual on less than 4
hours of sleep in a 24 hour time period. I have learned how to effectively get a 2 year old and a newborn in a car seat out the door with baths, clean cloths, and all the essentials in less than 20 minutes. I have officially been cleared by my doctor to go back to normal pre-pregnancy living as of today and am going to start training for a 5K on Monday. I've now lost 23 of the 40 pounds I gained with Lily (Lily included in that weight loss)...and I am happier than I've ever been! March was fun... and Life is good!


Rachel Uda Murdock said...

I'm guessing they're watching 24...judging from the shocked look on Lily's face!

Tau said...

Way to go Omi! Sounds like a fun and crazy March. The girls are beautiful. Sarah is really excited to go out to Chi-town! Wish I could make it. And I think Kev is manly enough to balance out all that pink. Take care.

Brian Hanks said...

You sound like Super-Woman! Congrats!

Beccarigg said...

It's so neat to see how Brooklyn interacts with Lily. Sisters have the most special bonds : ) You guys are brave to put them in the same room. I tried it for a couple of months but I don't do the zombie thing as well as you do! 4 hours of sleep does not a happy (nor functional) Becca make! You rock : )

Dying laughing over Lily's shocked tv face! Rachel's right, it's gotta be 24! SO dang cute! Love those little bugs and can't wait to meat Lily in person.

Natalie said...

They are such cuties!

Ioane said...

Haha I love the picture of Brooklyn with all the bows in her hair. I love that she is so girly yet so adventurous like her daddy. Lily is absolutely adorable. Is she going to have blue eyes?! What beautiful little girls. I love how much Brooklyn loves her sister, I hope they always share that special bond. Tau's right, I can't wait to come out. Tell Kevin thanks for letting me come add to all the estrogen in the house. At least Noa will bring a little bit of testosterone with him, :)