Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Lily turned one month old on the 12th of March, so I made an attempt to get some pictures of her so you could all see how much she's grown. It was all in vain, however, because Lily thinks that whenever I'm around her, food should be involved. Any time I touched her, she would whip her head around and try to get my hand in her mouth, and whenever I walked away or wasn't touching her she would scream and cry!

Her skin is actually not that red. It just turns that color when she's really upset. I thinks its kind of funny because it reminds me of a cartoon. All she needs is a little steam coming out of her ears!

Look at that face! She was looking at me like I had just betrayed her or was about to abandon her. How sad!

Anyway, after she gave me that look, I gave up, got her dressed for the day, and put her in her chair. It was cute because she grabbed her teddy bear as soon as I put her down and was kneading it with her fingers while sucking her Binky and moaning with relief.

Her self comforting made for some pretty cute pictures so I took advantage of the moment!

Lily has pretty good hand control and can already reach up and smack a hanging toy, hold on to her teddy bear, keep her Binky in her mouth, and suck her thumb!

Well, after my failed attempt to get one-month-old pictures, I thought I would try again today to get some St. Patrick's Day pictures of the girls together. We got off to a rough start, but eventually got some pretty good ones.

I thought this one was funny because Lily looks like she's begging me to save her life! Ha Ha! Poor thing!

Once Brooklyn stopped man-handling her, Lily calmed down and I got these pictures. She never looks at the camera but its better than nothing!

A quick update on the girls: At Lily's 2 week appointment she weighed 9 pounds and had grown an inch. She is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight and the doctor said she had the healthiest skin she ever saw on a newborn and that she was very strong! She now weighs a little over 10 pounds and is an extremely healthy little baby!

Brooklyn had her 2 year checkup at the same time as Lily's 2 week checkup. She weighed 28 pounds and was 34 inches tall. She measures in the 95th percentile and the doctor said she is EXTREMELY healthy for a two year old. They couldn't believe what a great eater she was (I guess its very common for 2-year-olds to be malnourished) and when they tested her for developmental skills, she shows up on the developmental scale as a three year old in both language and physical development! Pretty cool!

Well, I guess that is about all for now! I hope that this post finds you all in good spirits and enjoying this beautiful St' Patrick's day! Good bye for now!


Tara said...

Oh my gosh, her expressions are great! That pic of her pleading for mercy while Brooklyn is holding her is HILARIOUS. Very few blog posts make me laugh out loud for a long time, but that picture did! They are both so darling, good job on taking those pics, you'll be so glad someday. I didn't take a whole lot of Kenz & Jarom when he was a newborn b/c it's so hard, but they both LOVE seeing the few we have now.

Beccarigg said...

I agree with Tara, that begging for Mercy pic is HILARIOUS!!! Man, you make some dang cute babies! Brooklyn is just so gorgeous and Lily is as scrumptious as can be! I just want to squish her juicy little belly! Thanks for the updated pics! Really makes me miss you guys!

Eklect said...

good grief! Brooklyn is absolutely gorgeous! Lily is looking more and more like a hanks as time goes on.... That's forgivable though since the hanks are pretty good lookin :) that pic with lily being held by Brooklyn and lily looks terrified.... Laughed so hard!

Colleen H. said...

Cute AND geniuses. Who could ask for more?

Ioane said...

You have two very beautiful little girls. I love all the pics. Hope you guys had a wonderful St. Patricks Day. Love you guys

Natalie said...

Super cute! Thanks for the laughs! :)

Petersen Palace said...

Hey Naomi!
Remember once upon a time when we were neighbors at Lilac apts? And then remember when we realized I knew your sister? Small world. Well...I just made a comment on Becca's blog and saw your cute face so I thought I'd say hello. :) HELLO! Your girls are darling and full of personality. Mom life rocks my socks. Have a great weekend!

Melynne said...

what a little doll! looks like she will have to get used to all the big sister love. funny that grayson tells me daily he wants a baby sister named... lily! not sure where he heard it but he keeps asking! love her name.