Monday, April 5, 2010

Yet Another Fun Filled Weekend!

We had visitors for Conference Weekend!!! Brian and Natalie packed up their kids and made the drive from Ann Arbor, Michigan on Thursday and as soon as they arrived, the fun began!

The kids had a blast playing together all day, and sometimes when they were supposed to be sleeping as well! We only have 2 bedrooms in our house , so Brooklyn, Wes, and Sydney all shared a room. They loved it!

I think the only one who didn't appreciate all the extra bodies was Lily! All the kids were fascinated with her and determined to give her as much love as possible...whether she liked it or not!

On Saturday we all crowded in the living room to watch Conference. I don't remember hearing anything, but it was still nice to be together and watch the kids try their hardest to be reverent. :)

Here we are huddled around the television. The kids did everything from coloring and painting, to building forts and putting together Mr. Potato Heads! The adults were "multitasking" by playing games and searching the Internet on their computers and i phones while watching Conference and reffing children!

In between sessions we tried to get the kids outside to work out their wiggles.

We let them run around and play in the grass, and then we enjoyed some good old-fashioned sidewalk chalking.

On Sunday the kids woke up to bunny-shaped balloons and candy-filled Easter eggs, complements of Aunt Natalie! They all liked the balloons more than their baskets and had a lot of fun bopping each other with them.

After the Michigan Hanks Family left on Sunday afternoon, Brooklyn, Lily and I curled up on the floor and enjoyed some snuggles and a little bit of quiet time.

It was a fun filled weekend and we were so happy to have family around for the holiday! And to our mothers who may be concerned...Don't worry! We'll be downloading the Conference talks to our i pods and fully intend to listen to every last second!

Oh yeah! And for your viewing pleasure...I thought you all might appreciate being able to watch Brian bust out his hula-hooping moves. Enjoy!


Colleen H. said...

Downloading conferenced? Good Thing!! Seriously, it's great to see everyone together.

Ioane said...

Yay for family! It's always nice to share the holidays with others. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Happy Easter! p.s. Brian has some mad skills at hula hooping :)

Natalie said...

Cute! You guys got some good shots.

Beccarigg said...

That picture of everyone "watching" conference was so funny! Yeah, we downloaded the talks too and are catching up without kids : ) Looks like a blast though. The pic of all the cousins together is adorable. Also that video of Brian is HILARIOUS! Truly laugh out loud funny!

Brian Hanks said...

I agree with the "mad skills" comment.

Pae and Guy said...