Monday, October 12, 2009

Days 1-4 of Jennie and Naomi's Great Adventure!

Because I just happen to be one of the most blessed people in the world, I was able to spend 2 weeks with my BEST FRIEND/Kevin's cousin on the BEST vacation of my life! A lot went on during the 14 days we were together so I will have to do several posts to cover it all! We will start off slow with the first 4 days we were together before we started our road trip!

Day 1: (Thursday, September 24th)

Jennie flew in from Utah and picked up a rental car at the airport. She drove to my house and we chatted for hours in an attempt to catch up on all our lost time together since I moved!

Day 2: (Friday, September 25th)

We had a relaxing day together! We walked over to Panera Bread for lunch. YUMMO! and then Auntie Jennie spoiled Brooklyn at Wal-mart with some cool new glasses while we shopped for stuff for our car ride. Jennie also helped with Brooklyn's potty training and then we waited for Kevin to get home.

When Kevin got home we drove to Waterfall Glen and let Kevin and Brooklyn play in the water! Jennie and Kevin were playing the "one, two, three, WEEE!" game with Brooklyn and she officially decided that Jennie is her favorite person on earth!

Day 3: (Saturday, September 26th)

While we were still with Kevin, we decided to go downtown so that Jennie could have a positive memory from Chicago. (The last time we went downtown it turned out to be a nightmare when our car broke down in the middle of an intersection in Chicago traffic!)

We took the water taxi and checked out The Bean and some other statues. Then we went to the Face Fountain and stripped Brooklyn down to her diaper and let her run around in the water with Kevin. It was hilarious and all the other people at the fountain thought Brooklyn was pretty funny.

On our way back home we went to the Willis Tower (aka: the Sears Tower) and got to step out into the LEDGE! The Ledge is a glass box that you can stand in so it feels like you are floating in the clouds. A lot of people were standing around too scared to go inside and then Brooklyn just pranced right past them, laid face down and started laughing her head off at the cars that were so far away. She kept telling me she was in an airplane. Other people were taking pictures of her and couldn't believe how brave she was!

Day 4: (Sunday, September 27th)

Jennie played with Brooklyn all morning while Kevin and I prepared our lessons for church. Then we went to church together, had an after church potluck, got our temple recommends renewed, and headed home where Jennie and Kevin played several rounds of Boggle while I packed bags for me and Brooklyn! It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend to start off an even more relaxing and wonderful road trip!

To be Continued...


Jennie said...

Yea for fun times downtown! I finally have a positive memory of inner-city Chicago :)

Beccarigg said...

Wow! The bean at night looks so cool!! That's hilarious that Brooklyn had no fear looking out over the city. She's is such a spunky little punky! Love Kevin's hyper picture by the waterfall. Good times I tell ya! Can't wait to see more pics from your trip!

Janna and Tyler said...

So THAT'S why Kevin blew me off Sunday night! I'm on to you, Jennie...

Anonymous said...

Hey Nomers!

I've been to the Sears Tower many years ago on a coed all night mutual activity. They didn't have the ledge then but we sure had a blast. I can just see Brooklyn going out on the ledge. She is so curious and has a very adventurous personality. What a doll! I'm so excited for you and Jenny. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about your great adventure.
Love you Tons!
Mom Uda

Ioane said...

Potty training already!? Good luck you're going to have to let me know that goes. Noa brings me diapers when ever he wants to be changed and he can do the sign language for it, but I'm still waiting to train him 'til maybe 2 or 3. I guess if it works with Brooklyn I can try earlier. She is so cute