Friday, October 16, 2009

Days 7-9 of Jennie and Naomi’s Great Adventure!

Day 7 Continued: (Wednesday, September 30th)

After we visited Niagara Falls, we drove to Palmyra, New York. Because it was still pretty early in the day (and because it wasn’t raining) we decided to hop on our bikes and peddle on over to the Joseph Smith Sr. Farm and the Sacred Grove. We were also able to see the Palmyra Temple on this visit. It was awesome!

100_4391Dressed in our super groovy bike gear!100_4392Our awesome trusty bikes! Jennie made me ride the purple one. I felt like Rainbow Bright! 100_4396“If any of ye lack wisdom…” Yeah! That happened here! AND this is where the angel Moroni instructed Joseph about the plates!100_4398Smith Family Farm Property100_4402Frame Home that was being built by Alvin Smith before he passed away.100_4403This is actually the Young’s barn! BYU relocated it piece by piece to this property!100_4406The box on the dresser is one of the many places where Joseph Smith Jr. hid the gold plates!100_4432The Sacred Grove! So beautiful and quiet. Worth the stop for sure!100_4438More Sacred Grove100_4440There was a lot more that just trees in the Sacred Grove. PRETTY!100_4400Right across the street from the farm is a perfect view of the Palmyra Temple.

After we saw the farm and the Sacred Grove, we biked back to our hotel and jumped in the car to drive over to the Hill Cumorah!

100_4446At the top of the hill is a statue of Moroni100_4448The Hill: It looks pretty mellow, but it is quite the hike!100_4461 A statue at the base of the Hill Cumorah

Day 8: (Thursday, October 1st)

After a good night’s rest, we woke up early to catch a few more sites before our long drive to Vermont. We visited the Book of Mormon Historic Publication site, ate some fudge, and then checked out the Peter Whitmer Farm.

100_4465The Store Front for publisher E.B. Grandin100_4467A bible and 1st Edition Book of Mormon done by E.B. Grandin100_4469What the B.O.M. would have looked like before publication100_4474Where all the hard work was done!100_4489The Peter Whitmer log cabin where the Church was officially organized!100_4491Translation was done in this very room!100_4493Standing at the door of the Whitmer Cabin where the 1st and 2nd General Conferences were held!

After we finished the sites, we headed for Vermont where we would find our Bed and Breakfast late at night just before eating at Subway and watching Memoirs of a Geisha in our comfy beds!

Day 9: (Friday, October 2nd)

In the morning we looked out the window and noticed it was our first sunny, rain free day of the trip. So, we grabbed our bikes after breakfast and hit the roads to see some of Vermont’s famous covered bridges. Then we packed up and headed for Stowe in upstate Vermont where we would tour the Ben and Jerry’s factory and stuff ourselves silly with ice cream!

100_2629Our super cute Bed and Breakfast100_2635The road we were biking to find bridges100_2631Coming through the bridge on my bike! Woohoo!100_2642Unfortunately, some of the bridges had weight limits and I had to stay off. 100_4504Waiting for cars to come through since only one vehicle can fit at a time.100_4520The inner workings of a covered bridge100_4530Driving to Stowe. The whole state looks like this…except with more trees. I can’t believe people live out here. There doesn’t seem to be any place to work besides Ben and Jerry’s! 100_4537The Ben and Jerry’s Souvenir Shop where we bought fun stuff for Kevin and our friends and lots of ice cream for US!100_4539A brief history of Ben and Jerry’s100_4540Some of the most beloved ice cream flavors100_4545Our favorite flavor and what we managed to stuff ourselves on all night long! Ahhh! Life is GOOD!

Well it looks like I’ll need one more post to finish up our trip so for now, To Be Continued Again…


Rachel Uda Murdock said...

Ah! I'm so jealous! I want to do something like that so bad and I don't see it EVER happening!

california smiths said...

I can't believe you biked that much pregnant! Looks like so much fun :)

Brian Hanks said...

Mmmm...half baked is goooood

Jennie said...

Half baked...describes more than just the flavor of ice cream we enjoyed :) Naomi you are the best travel companion ever!

Anonymous said...


It looks like you had such a wonderful and beautiful trip. Dad and I spent part of our honeymoon in Palmyra and saw many of the same things you and Jennie did. You are right. There is much more to the sacred grove then the physical beauty. I will never forget the wonderful spirit that I felt there. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful soul sister/friend like Jennie.
Dad and I love her like she is our own daughter.
Niagra Falls looks awesome and powerful! What a great adventure!
Love you tons!
Mom Uda

Beccarigg said...

Ben and Jerry's land! I wanna go there! Who cares if I won't be able to go on the 8 ton limit bridge, it will be WORTH it!! (By the way, have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? random and unrelated but you would LOVE it.)

Any-who, your rainbow brite bike makes me happy and I think it's SO amazingly awesome that you got to see the sacred grove and the Palmyra temple and the hill Cumorah. You rock. And your hot. And lucky. The end. : )