Monday, September 21, 2009

A Full House!

As Promised, here are some pictures from the week we spent with Wes and Sydney! This one was taken at Waterfall Glen. The kids loved being there and playing in the water. I especially liked this picture because it is pretty true to how things were whenever Kevin was around. He was always holding Sydney and Brooklyn was close in tow.

Sydney thought it was a pretty great trip. I have a ton of pictures of her but this was my favorite. She was splashing in the water and playing in the dirt like it was the best thing that ever happened to her. I love an outdoors girl, and I love that funny tongue face!

Brooklyn and Wes spent the majority of the time seeing who could throw the most rocks in the water. It was really a great game and kept them busy for the better part of an hour!

The only bad part of the visit was when we left. As you can see, Wes was not a fan! Brooklyn spent the whole way walking out saying goodbye to everything to make herself feel better about leaving. "Bye bye wawe (water), bye bye stick, bye bye tree" get the picture.

The kids played so hard that they spent a lot of time in the tub. Its amazing how bad a little kid can stink after running around for a few hours!

During one of the bath times, we had our regular assembly line going. Kevin was bringing the kids out of the tub while Janna was watching the remaining ones, I was putting diapers and lotion on them. Then Janna came out and started doing pajamas when we realized someone was missing. Kevin went back to the bathroom and found that Brooklyn had crawled back into the tub with her diaper to have one last hooha before the water was drained. Scary but funny at the same time!
After baths the kids would all drink milk and watch Signing Time to help them calm down and get ready for bed! I love all their curly-haired little heads!

One day I gave all the kids balloons to play with. It was really fun and crazy until Sydney tried to bulldoze Brooklyn. Its really funny when she does it. She laughs the whole time and Wes actually gets a kick out of it too...but Brooklyn isn't practiced in the fine art of having a sibling yet and, well...she freaked!
Sydney was hilarious with her balloon. I didn't blow it up very big so it wouldn't pop. Good thing too because she was all over that thing, laughing and rolling and biting! It was SO cute!

That same day Janna and I took the kids to a small park by our apartment. Brooklyn found the one pile of dirt in the whole place and proceeded to teach Wes and Sydney how to swim in a small dusty pit. They were all filthy when we got home, but they had a blast!

When we went to the zoo most of the pictures were taken on Janna's camera so I don't really have any, but I did manage to get some of Brooklyn at the petting zoo! Wes didn't want anything to do with the animals so he was outside with Janna and Sydney, (who we didn't want crawling around in animal pee).
Brooklyn got to groom the goats and she thought it was awesome. We had to leave pretty fast though because she tried to brush her hair with the goat brush after she was done with him and then tried to play in a puddle of goat pee...and she licked the goat!

I don't have any real pictures of the animals that were supposed to be at the zoo, but that's OK. The kids loved the ones that weren't supposed to be there just as much. They got a big kick out of this little guy!
Wes loved the train and bulldozer at the zoo but steered clear of all living things until the end of the day when we saw the giraffes. I think they were far enough away for him to be OK with it.
Cute picture huh?

I don't have any pictures of Sydney at the zoo but she was amazing. She didn't really care about the animals, she was just happy to be in the stroller and to be outside. She spent the whole time kicking her legs, eating crackers, and singing to herself! Cute girl!

After Janna left I only really had the kids to myself on Friday. Then Kevin was home for the weekend and could help. Unfortunately, it was just long enough to make me question my ability to be a mother of more than one child!

In that very short time, Wes found out he could throw toys into the floor lamp in Brooklyn's room and started a fire with the pictured toys! Man that kid has good aim! I don't even think I could have made that shot! :) Luckily I have a great sense of smell and found the toys right as they burst into flames, therefore avoiding a major house fire!

That same night I let Sydney crawl around without a diaper to air out a diaper rash she had developed. I thought Kevin was watching her while I put the other kids to bed ,but he didn't actually hear me so when I got back from putting the other kids to bed I found Sydney in the kitchen throwing toys into a pile of her poo! No picture needed. It was sick and I felt like a bad mom/aunt!

Luckily, kids are forgiving. I never got more hugs in my life then I did from Sydney, and Wes informed me before he left that he was my buddy and he loved me! :) Thanks Wes! I needed that!

Kevin never had to worry about what the kids thought of him though. It was obvious that Uncle Kevin was the best part of everyday and the kids all adore him! Thus, I leave you with a video that demonstrates how every night was when Kevin came home from work. Enjoy!


Rachel said...

Daddies that rough house with the kids when they get home from work are AWESOME! I love the curly heads, Brooklyn the dust mite, and Brooklyn in the tub with her diaper. You're right, scary! but cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the one of Brooklyn with her hair done up all cute and in curls and covered in dirt. What a little tomboy and what a marathon week. Great preparation for when your new little one will come. That will be tons easier though after this practice run.
Hugs anad Kisses!
Mom Uda

The Reese's said...

you guys look like you had so much fun! that will be great memories for you and the kids will grow up being such great friends. i do think you are a great mom but i was laughing pretty hard at the toys and diaper (or lack of) incident. i can totally see that happening to me.

Natalie said...

Don't worry, Wes STILL mentions you. He'll periodically say, "I push my trucks up the ramp and Aunt Omi told me not to." Or something to that effect. He's mentioned you and some ramp a couple different times. I kept forgetting to tell you. I think he'll be super stoked to have Brooklyn around again!

Beccarigg said...

Kevin is out of control! How have they not called him to the nursery or sunbeams yet? He would be PERFECT! Either that or they'd kick him out for being too rowdy ; ) He definitely is a crowd pleaser with the kiddos!

Precious pictures and precious memories. That one of all three of them watching Signing Time in their jammies is priceless! Between house fires, goat pee, and poop in your kitchen I think you still managed to make some pretty neat memories!

Ioane said...

Haha poop toys :) I love the pic of Brooklyn in the tub. I know Noa would do the same if be could lift his leg high enough. Looks like you had your hands full. I'm glad Janna was there to help and that you have the Energizer Husband. Brooklyn is such an adventurer, too bad we dont live closer, she could show Noa the ropes now that he's walking. Love ya