Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brooklyn's 5th Birthday!

Brooklyn turned 5 years old on January 26th, and all she wanted for her birthday was to sleep over at her Auntie Becca's house and go to Chuck E. Cheese's! WISH GRANTED!

Because I was away in DC, Becca and Kevin took over party preparations and made sure that Brooklyn, her little sister, and all her little cousins had a BLAST playing at Chuck E. Cheese's!

Afterward, Kevin took over cupcake making duties and created some beautiful rainbow cupcakes with pink frosting and heart sparkles. Brooklyn was thrilled by her daddy's creativity!

When dinner and cake was done, ALL the girls helped Brooklyn to open her presents. Among her favorite things were a hula hoop from Auntie Becca, a cupcake pillowcase from Auntie Natalie, and an elephant towel from mom and dad :)

Before bed, the cousins got together and played a few rounds of Just Dance. They all had so much fun together and I will be forever grateful to my wonderful husband and amazing sister for taking over for me when I couldn't be there! You guys are the BEST!


Tara said...

Cute!! Wow, all of our kids are growing up way too fast. Brooklyn is such a doll. And I am massively impressed with Kevin's cupcakes- how cute is that?? Good job, Kevin!

Beccarigg said...

Dude, will you come blog for me? You always make your pictures look AMAZING!! Seriously, I need to get my blogging mojo back. This post is adorable. I'm so glad we got to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday with her. She is the sweetest most grateful little thing! Also Kevin is the best Daddy for making those cupcakes and even nailing the presentation. He's a keeper!