Friday, February 15, 2013

Starting the New Year out with a BANG!

This year we were lucky enough to start out 2013 at an AWESOME New Year's Eve party with our friends, the Booths, Robinettes, and Curtises. Each couple has 2 kids, and amazingly enough, they all behaved perfectly during the party and went to bed at 9pm leaving the adults to party, uninterrupted, until 1in the morning!

Another New Years thing of note is that I decided to start 2013 with 5 straight days of nothing but fruits and veggies! This picture shows how much I needed at each meal (5 per day) to get enough calories! It was super hard but in the 5 days I lost 10 pounds and was completely ulcer and migraine free! TOTALLY worth it!

During my fruits and veggies kick, my friend Lisa threw a Downton Abbey party at her house! The tables were stacked with good food but I was actually able to resist and stick to my green smoothie that I brought along. But don't worry, despite my inability to enjoy the food, I had a great time watching the start of the new season, dressed in 20's attire, with some of the most incredible women I know. It was a BLAST!

On the 11th of January the stars aligned and my sister and I were actually able to schedule ourselves and our spouses a trip to the Chicago Temple together! It was neat going to the temple with family again. Its not an opportunity I get very often, and afterward we even got to enjoy some YUMMO frozen yogurt at the Red Mango!

On Wednesday the 23rd, my studly sister was nice enough to take my kiddos home with her after preschool and keep them for 5 DAYS while I flew out to Washington DC to visit my cousin Jennie! BEST. SISTER. EVER!!! While I was gone my nieces took turns sharing their beds with Brooklyn. Apparently they like to snuggle!

I stayed with Jennie from the 21st till the 24th. During that time we ate lots of frozen yogurt, watched some movies, bummed around, talked for hours, slept for HOURS, and basked in each other's company. It was so fun to see my best friend again (despite some food poisoning issues that accompanied us on the trip) and I can't wait to see her again soon!


Jennie said...

Yay for your visit!! Love love love having you here and I'm so excited to see you again soon :)

Beccarigg said...

Yes I'm in this post! I'm famous!!! haha! Living by your rocks. So happy about our temple date. Can't wait to go again with you guys next month. Also that Downton abby party looks fun, not that I like Downton abby, I just love parties. :)