Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lily's 3rd Birthday Party!

February 12th, 2013 marked Lily's 3rd birthday, and because we had thrown Brooklyn her first big party when she was three, we thought it only fair to ask Lily if she would like a big party as well. I have to admit though, I really didn't think she would say yes since pretty much the only communication that went on between us during that time was a series of meows and miniature cat seizures from her while I tried to convince her to act like a human! To my surprise however, she said yes... and then she proceeded to tell me that she would like a kitty party with a pink kitty cake and she wanted me to crochet kitty dolls for the 10 friends she invited (I didn't even know she knew that many kids!). She was so specific (and so cute) that we just couldn't resist giving her exactly what she wanted. Thus...

We started preparing! Kevin helped by making an AMAZING pink kitty cake for Lily with fondant and butter cream frosting. It turned out great and tasted good too!

I busied myself with decorations and a LOT of crocheting! I made little kitties for the girls and some puppies for the boys. Nothing too extreme, but it was still a bit time consuming.

When the big day rolled around and the kiddos started trickling in, we sent them downstairs to play in the playroom until all the guests arrived.

Once everyone was accounted for we let them "adopt" a pet that would help them with the rest of the games for the day.

When every child was paired with a pet, we sent them to the table to make collars for their little friends.

I was surprised at how focused and excited the kids were about making the collars. They all worked so hard and the end result was quite adorable!

Then the kids took their pets with them to go on a mouse hunt where they found mouse suckers all over the house to put in their bags. (Tutorial can be found HERE.) After the mouse hunt, we let the kitties help us toss bean bag fishes back into their bowls. It mostly involved the little kids walking up to the bowls and dropping the fish in, but the older kids really got into it and had some pretty good shots! (Tutorial for fish bean bags can be found HERE.)

After games we served pizza and grapes while the kids watched Aristocats.

This little boy had a sucker stuck to his foot while he was eating lunch and I thought the picture really showcased the fun chaos that we experienced throughout the day :)

After lunch Lily got to open her presents. It was fun to see her excitement over her new gifts, but even more fun to see her pour out gratitude to all her little friends.

Once all the presents were opened and stashed away, we busted into the beautiful cake that Kevin made.

The cake was a huge hit and a great way to end the party!

And just for fun, here is a video of Lily blowing out her candles:


Nikki Mena said...

WOW. You are a pro crocheter and Kevin is a pro cake-maker. Well done. I will never throw a party this awesome.

Kayla Smith said...

Oh my goodness adorable! Y'all are so cute & crafty! So active; I hope I have that much energy & will power!

Cindy Uda said...

That looks like such a fun party! Lily is getting so big and looks like a mini you. Only a white version. Of course that means that she is very pretty and can make amazing faces! I am constantly amazed and how creative and resourceful you and Kevin are. The girls are lucky to have such wonderful parents!
Hugs and Loves!
Grandma Uda

Natalie said...

I am SO impressed with you both! I want you to live by me so you I can pay you two to throw my kids' parties. :)

Beccarigg said...

Dude, don't act like those little crochet kitties were no big deal, they were amazing!! I can't even believe you did that, seriously! That was one of the cutest parties we've ever been to and also Kevin's cake was a legit masterpiece!! Thanks for inviting us! My kids had a blast!