Monday, March 12, 2012

The Wonderful Thing about Mothers are Wonderful Things!

The day after my dad left town, my MOM came flying in!!! We were sad that they couldn't vacation together, but felt very blessed to be able to spend time with both of them on our home turf!

As if the girls hadn't been spoiled enough by Grandpa, Grandma came bearing gifts as well. Both girls received a stuffed animal and tons of hugs and snuggles from Grandma Uda. But since she arrived in the evening, celebrations were cut short and we had to usher the girls off to bed with promises of fun when they got up in the morning.

The next day (after a little grandma time) we packed up the girls and went grocery shopping. My mom filled our freezer and pantry up in a way that we've never experienced before! And lots of food meant two weeks worth of very happy, VERY full bellies! (THANKS MOM!)

The day after our marathon-grocery-shopping-trip was Friday, and to our surprise... it SNOWED! Normally that wouldn't be unusual for this time of year, but it was only the second or third snow storm of the season and the FIRST where I actually had to shovel my own driveway! Me and the girls bundled up and left grandma inside to stay warm. Then we hurried on outside and began our hour long task of shoveling the snow. I was pretty sore when all was said and done, but the girls had a blast!

As for grandma...well she was busy making hot chocolate for us all and when we came inside we got to enjoy a day snuggled up by her side watching movies and drinking cocoa!

On Saturday, my mom's best friend Sally (from JUNIOR HIGH) came and picked her up for a weekend sleepover. She lives only about an hour northeast of us so it was the perfect opportunity for them to reconnect. Then on Sunday we went to pick my mom up and were treated to an AMAZING pork chop dinner complements of Sally and her amazing cooking skills!

Monday morning we decided to check out the new library down the street from us. (New to US, but not new to the area!) The girls had tons of fun exploring the building and playing with the train sets and Lego's with their grandma.

Soon I left the girls with their grandma so I could get a library card, but to my dismay, I found out that I live in an "unincorporated area" and thus, do not receive public services without a fee. (i.e. if I want to check out books at my public library, I have to pay $170 for a library card!!!) Needless to say, I was pretty disheartened by the news since the "FREE" library was always my fall back outing when it gets cold outside. But grandma had an idea to cheer us all up...

And she treated us to lunch at Culver's!

Where she taught Brooklyn how to shoot mommy in the face with her straw wrapper...DOH! (Naughty Grandma!)

And Lily and I enjoyed sipping down our Root beer whilst planning our adventures for the rest of the week!

To be continued...


Cindy Uda said...

All of my sweet girls! Fun memories! I miss you all so much! Lots of loves being sent your way!


HWinfojunkie said...

Wow! That's crazy about that huge library fee! Guess I shouldn't take our libraries here for granted. Even if I live out of the area, it's only a small fee, like maybe $20. So glad you got to have so much fun time with mom. So excited to see you guys!

Tau said...

Food is good :)

Liz Uda Mucci said...

bwahahaha I laughed so hard with the whole learning how to shoot you in the face with the straw wrapper. glad mom could be there for you Omi... You totally deserved all that mom and dad time you got! love ya

Beccarigg said...

Mom is great! Feeds us fudge and cake! haha! Glad you had such a blasty with mom. Even though you TOTALLY NEGLECTED ME while she was there!! WAhhhhhhhh!! LOL! kidding, kidding, but seriously, glad you're back and stuff. I missed ya while you were partying with Mom : )

Sarah said...

Wow! I can't believe that library fee! Crazy. Mom looks so cute with the girls and all that food looks yummo. Now I'm craving fudge...doh!