Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

On Saturday, the 3rd of March, we took a special road trip up to Evanston, Illinois to visit the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian.

It wasn't a very big museum, but it had tons of fun things in it, and covered several different tribes.

Needless to say, there were PLENTY of things to look at! But what surprised me the most was how interested the girls were in everything. I thought they would be bored for sure, but they never had a dull moment.

In fact, they even got to play in a Native American dwelling together!

It was set up so you could touch EVERYTHING you saw. That made for two happy little girls who got to run around, petting furs, playing on drums, and swinging from the inside of the little house!

And while the kiddos were playing, the adults had some wonderful relaxation time to look around...

... ponder... and read!

Then the museum had a little craft in the library where Grandma got to enjoy some time reading about her own Native American culture (in between helping the girls with their bead project).

When all was said and done, we got to leave the museum with a little more knowledge and some pretty cute beaded key chains!


Cindy Uda said...

If I had a tribal name, they would call me "crazy eye" based on that first picture. LOL! That was a very fun adventure and I even learned a few things about my tribe. I think we all had fun doing the craft!

Sarah said...

What a cool find. I love it when places are kid friendly. Gomer! Your hair is so long! You look like Pocahontas in your picture. So beautiful.