Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Marathon Drive... for a Marathon!

On Thursday, March 15th, Kevin and I woke up at 4:30 am, packed the girls in the car, and started to drive... snack... wiggle...repeat!

13 hours later, we finally arrived in Washington DC to spend the weekend with Kevin's cousins, Jennie, Eric, and Kayla, and my sister Becca and her husband Taber! What could cause such a gathering? The Washington DC Rock and Roll Marathon! But a post on that will have to wait. First, the sightseeing!

The first sight to behold: Jennie's massively huge bedroom where she and our entire family slept!

Then of course the backseat of our car where Jennie had to squeeze during all our excursions.

We also got lucky as far as weather is concerned, and were able to see the cherry blossoms coming out a little early.

Next stop was the Washington Monument. The view from the reflection pool was under construction, but I still think we got to see it from a nice angle!

On a side note, Lily had a blast being pushed around town all day. The adults got pretty tired from all the walking, but she stayed happy and relaxed during her free ride!

Brooklyn was a lot more wiggly and enjoyed climbing trees and picking flowers (illegally) whenever we stopped to look at something.

Anyway, as we kept walking along, we eventually ran into the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall. Brooklyn was confused by all the letters on the wall. I tried to explain it to her but she quickly got distracted by her reflection.

Soon we reached the Lincoln Memorial, which happens to be the thing I was most excited to see!

We had to wait for Kevin and Eric to arrive (Eric came from work and Kevin was trying to find parking) before climbing up the stairs to take a peek inside.

And it was worth the wait. The memorial was absolutely beautiful!

I thought the girls would get bored, but once again they surprised me by being totally interested in their surroundings and having the best day of their lives!

When we were done looking at the Lincoln Memorial, we headed out to see a few more things before we had to go to packet pickup for the Marathon.

This was the last thing we saw before we left for the Armory to go to the Runner's Expo.

The building it was held in was ginormous and with 24,000 other runners walking around... we didn't think we would ever find Becca and Taber.

But we did! They just happened to walk in the door at the same time as us. We gave them hugs, chatted a bit, and then started checking out all the booths.

We even got to take some cool pre-race photos of the marathoners while we were there.

When we were done at the expo, we dropped Kevin off at Eric and Kayla's house where he could get some good sleep before his race the next day (uninterrupted by hyper children.)  Then Jennie and I headed back to her place with the girls where we enjoyed pigging out on some awesome homemade grub, watching movies, and talking about all that's been going on in our lives!

Now, stay tuned for an update on the race... from KEVIN! And possibly from me as well :)

P.S.When we were at the Lincoln Memorial, a high school band showed up to entertain everyone. This is what resulted: 


Tara said...

Ahh DC, these photos bring back a lot of memories. I'm so glad you got to see the cherry blossoms coming out! I thought they might be blooming early enough for you guys with all the warm weather VA's been getting.
Your pictures are amazing. I'm totally in love with the one of Brooklyn going up the stairs in color with the rest b&w. Very cool.
Alright, I'm anxious to hear Kevin's race report and what it was like for you, too!

Kayla Smith said...

I loved that video! Once again, they are freakin adorable. And you took some great photos!! But I didn't really see much of you . . . tisk tisk =)

Sarah said...

Haha I was laughing so hard watching the video. I wonder where they get their dance moves from. So cute. DC looks so beautiful. I'm so glad you guys got to go experience that. And tell Kevin to hurry and post about his race. Bec and mom told me a little and my heart just ached for him. Tell him we think he is the bomb diggity! Love you guys!

Beccarigg said...

DUDE!! We got to get you a DSLR because if your pictures are THAT amazing with your weaksauce easy share camera can you EVEN IMAGINE?!!! Yeah, you got picture taking skills like no other. I mean, I saw the same amazing sights but somehow I'm just not able to capture things quite like you do. Good work though and holy cow Jennie's room is HUMONGOUS! That's crazy you could all fit in there! Also that pic you took of the Jenster by the Vietnam memorial is super coo. You still haven't told me what program you use to edit your pics, text me or something dude! But yeah, so glad you guys made the drive down and we got to see you and your cutie tootie girls! Give them loves from Uncle Becca : )

Beccarigg said...

p.s. just watched the video! LOL! Sometimes you just gotta DANCE!! Love them!