Friday, February 17, 2012

Lily is 2!

On February 12th, our sweet little Lily turned 2! Here is a little of what she has been up to lately:

She LOVES to color with her big sister... and unfortunately, she also loves to eat markers, crayons, chalk, and paint.

She is a very snugly little koala bear and would prefer to be in our laps if there is ever a reason to be sitting down.

The girl can EAT! She is not nearly as chunky as her big sister was, but she eats twice as much. Any time Kevin and I go into the kitchen she will start shouting, "I'm coming mommy!" and then she will pull herself up to the table and giggle happily until food is placed in front of her. She is currently eating 7 times a day!

Lily loves to read, and hide in random places. She can often be found in a box, laundry basket, or closet, reading books and singing the theme song for Dora the Explorer. Speaking of which, she also worships Dora, Diego, and Curious George.

She is a BIG tease. She loves to run away from us while laughing hysterically, tickle, tackle, and tumble, be thrown around by her daddy, play tag and hide and seek with Brooklyn, and run into the couch at full speed over and over again just to see my reaction.

(Oops, I spelled "horrid" wrong and can't fix it bad!)
Lily also has a moody side. She makes some of the meanest crusties I've ever seen, picks on, harasses, and beats up on Brooklyn frequently, can plant herself solidly to the floor if she doesn't want to do something you told her to, and will revert to cat mode if she thinks she is in trouble...

Yes, "Cat Mode". Whenever Lily feels busted or unwilling to comply, she simply drops into cat position and meows. If you chew her out, she will meow. If you tell her not to meow, she will meow. And let me tell you, as a parent, you begin to feel very stupid arguing with a cat!

Lily is also very physical. She can climb over anything and loves to jump, slide, and run. But she likes to use her fine motor skills as well. She is very into puzzles, Lego's, and stacking ANYTHING!

On the brainier side of things, Lily has learned to sing the ABC's, say her prayers, and repeat scriptures. She also likes to count to 20 and tries to count to 100 by tens.

Her birthday was on Sunday, so it was pretty low key. We went to church and when we got home, we let her open presents before nap time. She got a laptop from her grandma (so she would stop stealing Brooklyn's) as well as the cute "princess" dress she is wearing in the picture.

And Kevin and I got her this letter magnet toy to play with while she waits for one of her many daily meals to cook! We let her play with her new things for a minute and then put her to bed. Later that evening we had a nice dinner with our friends from Green Trails Apartments, gave Lily a birthday doughnut, and then put her to bed.

We are so grateful to have Lily in our lives and look forward to watching her continual growth. She is a very special little person and we are lucky to have her!


Tau said...

Happy birthday Lily! I want a birthday doughnut right now.

Cindy Uda said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute! I laughed at some of your stories of her. Reminded me a lot of you when you were that age. You could give some pretty awesome crusties yourself. I love the picture of the two of you together. You both have beautiful eyes. The little girl with the little curl was hilarious. She has grown so much this year. We are so grateful for Lily and her wonderful personality and progress. Tell her Grandma loves her and I can't wait to see you all next week and give everyone hugs ans squishes!

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Heck with grandmas, it's crack cocaine for grandpas.

Thanks for latest, Dad Hanks

Tara said...

Holy cow, her brainier side is pretty dang brainy! Kyle just hit 18 months but I can guarantee you he won't be counting to 20 or by tens in 6 months. :)
She is such a little doll, both of your girls are. I love the side-by-side picture in her little dress.

Heidi said...

She's so adorable. I love cat mode. That's so funny!

Sarah said...

Haha Dell is so funny. Lily is such a cutie pie! I can't believe all those curls and she totally has the Naomi crusty down. I should know ;) She is soooo smart. Noa wasn't even talking until after two. I love that she reads in boxes. Such a cute post to capture Lily. I hope she had a wonderful bday. We love and miss you guys tons!