Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Boston Children's Museum and the Freedom Trail

The day after Christmas we were able to spend the morning playing with our new toys (including Auntie Becca's new digital SLR that took most of these pictures) and having a fashion show in all our new clothes! Then, after many great poses for the camera, we packed up our kids and headed to Boston for some more fun!

Once we got into town, we dropped Kevin off on the Freedom Trail to do a little sight seeing on his own whilst Becca and I dragged all the kiddos off to the Boston Children's Museum. It was a very cold and windy day so we were all happy to play inside while Kevin ran around town exploring History!

When we arrived at the museum the girls didn't waste any time checking out all the exhibits that were on display...

And soon they found all the fun play rooms. The sand room was Lily's favorite. She started out playing with the shovels and rakes and eventually ended up swimming on the floor through a giant pile of spilled sand and licking the sand off the floor! She caused quite a commotion with the other parents :)

The girls also enjoyed playing peek-a-boo through little holes in the wall, building sand castles, and splashing around in the water room.

There was just so much to do at the museum and the girls had a blast getting all their crazies out.

It wasn't long before Kevin made it back from the Freedom Trail and joined in on all the fun. He danced with the girls in front of a green screen that made them the stars of an Arthur episode...

And taught them all how to hula hoop like a pro!

But soon the kiddos were all worn out, so we packed them back up and headed home for some good grubbin' and a wonderful night of sleep!


HWinfojunkie said...

Looking at all these pics made me feel a deep pit in my stomach. Since I just ate, I know it isn't cause I'm hungry. I think it's just cause I really really miss you. I miss your kids and miss seeing them grow up. I even miss Kevin. Love you so much I hope I can see you soon so I can stop missin you....geez. Rae

Tau said...

I like Teya's face on the last photo...she tried to smile. Looks like a blast!

Beccarigg said...

Haha! Remember when I almost peed my pants trying to drop Kevin off at the freedom trail and looking for a bathroom? Good times : ) It's fun seeing all these pictures again because I haven't looked at them in awhile. Makes me miss you guys more than ever. I'm so so so glad you came out. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making the sacrifice to do that. It meant so much to us!

Munro Murdock said...

Love all the pics and blog posts! Your girls are getting so big and they are so cute. Will be fun to see everyone this summer!