Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chuck E Cheese sends us on our way...

On December 28th, after a long morning of packing bags, we dropped Kevin off at Taber's work for a factory tour, and then headed out to Chuck E Cheese's for one last party before we had to leave the wonderful Rigg residence and return to the Hanks home in Chicago.

The kids all enjoyed a delightful pizza dinner before gathering their coins and hitting the rides and games.

Teya thoroughly enjoyed the games, but the younger kids mostly just wanted to go on the rides.

One of their favorite rides was actually a flight simulation. They took turns riding it together and had a blast!

Brooklyn and Lily also took the opportunity to pretend they were racing each other. Brook was pretty proud of herself for beating her sister (because her car was screwed into the ground a little further ahead than Lily's) and boasted about it for half the night!

The kids could have stayed there all night, but alas, all good things must come to an end, and we had to peel them off the rides and head to the airport.

The good thing about going to Chuck E Cheeses before flying with our kids... THEY WERE WASTED! Brooklyn passed out so hard that Kevin had to carry her across the whole airport, to the taxi, out of the taxi, and into her bed... and she never budged!

Anyway, the flight was a breeze and the girls adjusted to being back home in no time. It helped that they got to veg out by spending endless hours watching their dad play Zelda... I would have protested but it was just so very "Hanks" of them that I couldn't put an end to it :)


Tau said...

What a great trip...everybody deserves a good vegging after a family trip.

Beccarigg said...

See? Aren't you so glad I made you go to chuck E Cheese even though I almost gave you both a stress ulcer? haha! Totally worth it for all those awesome pictures! Love the editing as always, do you really do all that with picasa? I'm impressed!

Sarah said...

What a great idea. I'm totally taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese before every flight if it means they'd sleep on the plane. Vegging out rocks... and so does Zelda :)