Saturday, April 2, 2011

General Conference at the Hanks Home (Day One)

Its General Conference weekend and we are having FUN! We decided to try some new things this year, and because of it, Kevin and I actually got to listen to ALL the talks today!

We started off the day with a craft project to help us welcome the fabulous Spring weather and its accompanying warm fuzzies.

Brooklyn loved being busy first thing in the morning, and was THRILLED by the outcome. She couldn't get enough of the sparkly raindrops hanging in the sunlight. :)

When Conference started, we each pulled out our Jelly Beans for Jesus jars and our conference packets and got to work.

Kevin and I split up the apostles so that if someone from Kevin's list was talking, he would take notes while I watched the girls, and visa versa. We also practiced our listening skills by putting a jelly bean in our jars every time the Savior was mentioned. My jar filled up after the first session so I had to eat it all before the next one started. Woohoo!

Brooklyn kept busy by filling her jar with jelly beans, and by coloring her conference packet. She was really into it and managed to watch the WHOLE first session!

Here she is with a self portrait of herself and how she feels when she listens to the prophet. So cute!

And in case you're wondering why we put Brooklyn in the pack and play... its because of this lady! Brooklyn could get in and out as she pleased, but by keeping her and her stuff in there, we were able to avoid any major disasters and all sibling rivalries. (Minus a few stolen colored pencils that Lily magically got away with.)

Here is my cute family enjoying our sunny session together. I love how both of the girls are standing!

After the first session was over, Brooklyn FINALLY got to eat her jelly beans! She swallowed each one as if it were the best thing that had ever happened to her. I can't believe how patient she was!

Lily didn't get a jar for obvious reasons, but don't worry... she probably had more jelly beans than all of us put together. The girl is an eating MACHINE!

When the jelly beans were all gone, Kevin sat the girls down for a REAL lunch while I got to go on a 5 mile run. My clever little Brooklyn chewed her sandwich into a butterfly while she was eating, and as you can tell, she was awfully proud of herself!

Amazingly, both of the girls slept through the entire second session, which allowed me to make this cute picture frame for the subway art I printed off of the internet last week. It kept my hands busy while I listened, and turned out pretty cute too!

Anyway, now Kevin is at Priesthood session, the girls are in bed, and I am writing this. I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings. Happy listening!


Beccarigg said...

Hey great minds think alike! I was blogging during priesthood session too! I'm still trying to get caught up from my Utah trip. All I have left to do is Living Legends reunion and Baby blessing. We're getting there. : )

Anyway, love your crafty conference ideas. I need to print out those packets for my girls, Teya just kept saying how bored she was today. My bad. I love that you kept them separated with a pack and play though, I'm totally doing that tomorrow! Also that first picture of Lily is SO stinking cute I can hardly stand it! She has seriously grown up so much since we last saw her! And Brooklyn has the most amazing smile, she is beyond gorgeous.

Thanks for the great conference ideas, I'll definitely be using those packets and the pack and play tomorrow!

JS said...

wow your super mom!

Tara said...

Super mom for real! Great ideas. Your kids look so happy! And I love the frame and subway art, super cute!

Sarah said...

Gomer you never cease to amaze me. What great ideas. You seriously have such beautiful happy little girls and I can totally see why. Can't wait to see them again. Love you guys and happy conference day tomorrow :)

Tau said...

Nice. Sarah and I slept for maybe 2 or 3 hours the night before. So we didn't get too much out of saturdays session. We'll have to try some these ideas. Thanks.