Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference at the Hanks Home (Day Two)

Day two of General Conference in our home was just as fun as day one! We started out the day with a good breakfast and a fun project (thanks to Aunt Sara and the Progressive Pioneer.)

We simply busted out our acrylic paints and created our own Spring Scene whether nature wanted us to have it or not!

Brooklyn LOVED painting on the window and it really turned out cute. Oh! and for all those who are worried about our rented apartment... no worries, we actually painted on the plastic covering that we keep on the window during the winter to block cold air from getting in! :)

After we were done, Kevin and Brooklyn sat on the couch for some relaxing reading time while I fiddled around with some other crafts and Lily took a quick nap.

When conference finally started we were prepared. Kevin had a Star Wars Lego model to put together, Brooklyn had her conference packet, and Lily had FOOD!

Everyone listened and stayed awake for the whole thing, and we even got to finish some fun projects while we were at it.

As always, I was able to get a much needed spiritual boost and now feel better prepared to wake up again tomorrow and tackle the every day tasks of a stay-at-home mom! Hope you enjoyed conference weekend as well! We miss you all and wish we were spending the remainder of the evening eating good food in good company... but until that is possible, we love you!


Brian Hanks said...

Man, I'm coming to your house next time for conference!

Cindy Uda said...

What great ideas! It looks like conference was a memorable experience for the whole family. We also were spiritually fed and uplifted. I love conference. I have to admit it is a lot easier now that all of you kids are grown. Gizmo is pretty reverent.

JS said...

super mom times 2!! thats awesome, maybe me and jacob should try some activities like that next time...even without children we tend to get rowdy writing on each other with our pens, falling asleep turning to our phones to keep us awake or just simply day dreaming! anyway go you! looks like you had a great conference weekend!

Jennie said...

Love the posts! I can't believe how big Brooklyn and Lily have gotten. Amazing! So excited to see you guys soon :)

Sarah said...

So fun. I can't wait to do all these things next conference. It looked like you guys had a wonderful weekend and I agree, after conference I feel much more prepared to be a good stay-at-home mom.

Beccarigg said...

Hahahaha! I'm laughing so hard that Kevin needed Lego toys to stay awake during conference! LOL! (Tell him I'm laughing with him, not at him ; ) We probably could've used some toys too since I got Taber "resting his eyes" a few times during that last session; )

That's so awesome that you're making conference so fun for the girls. What a great foundation for them to build a love for listening to the prophets voice. Also thanks for the link to those packets. The girls loved them and they kept them busy for the entire first session on Sunday. Awesome stuff!