Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Simple Math and Random Phenomena

People are always asking me how I had two children that look nothing like me. At first I wondered the same thing, but as time has gone by, I've been able to slowly pick out similarities. I now see that my children actually DO look like me. In fact, they not only look like me, but they are JUST LIKE ME! You just have to take a minute to do the math and then you will see it too!

The other day I was feeding Lily when she suddenly pulled this pose with the accompanying face. I couldn't help but laugh!

Lately Brooklyn has been really in to butterflies, angels, fairies, mermaids, princesses, and unicorns! But she isn't all girl. She also LOVES dinosaurs, robots, and aliens! Here is a picture of an alien that she drew for her daddy.

Remember that time I told you about Kevin changing Lily's diaper and getting poo all over the place? Well...the other day, Lily had another explosive poo diaper and I thought I would show Kevin how a REAL pro changes a diaper WITHOUT getting poop all over the house.

I could already tell by the coloring of Lily's shirt that the poo had escaped via bum crack onto her back, so I began by quickly and expertly whipping her pants off to avoid smearing. I then proceeded to wipe her back, belly, bum, and thighs clean from poo smears whilst simultaneously holding her legs and keeping her from crocodile rolling through her diaper.

I finished in no time and she was squeaky clean, as was my carpet and all surrounding areas. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until Brooklyn said, "Hey mom! What is that yucky thing over there?" I looked across the room at the fireplace to discover a stray poo that must have been hiding in Lily's pants when I flung them off of her. Incidentally, I managed to fling the poo as well. MODED! This picture shows where it all began...and where it ended! (If you look closely, you will actually see the poo! I took a picture before bleaching it away!)

Last but not least, Kevin received this email the other day, and I thought it was random enough to make the blog:


I was surfing the Internet at work today and found your blog and found we have something in common. My name is Kevin Hanks and I am a mechanical project engineer and I also have a daughter named Brooklyn. My wife and I have 4 children and live in Piedmont, SD.

I just thought it was a little weird to find someone else with my name who is also an engineer and our daughters have the same name.

Have a good day.


Anyway, that about sums up our random happenings as of late. Hope at least one of them made you smile!


Rachel Uda Murdock said...

Hahaha! Now I see where Lily got those eyes and loved Brooklyn's face too :)

jksfam said...

Love the math! Fun post! Fun random e-mail, too!

Beccarigg said...

Oh my gosh! Brooklyn's sideways face is soooo funny! Also the "excellent Smither's" pose is the bomb! Guess your kids look like you after all.
p.s. Nice poo picture, sicko! lol!

Tau said...

Nice! Like da pics. Great poop story. The Kevin email is a lil freaky...hahaha

Natalie said...

Oh my. I laughed out loud with the Smithers pic.

Sarah said...

best post ever!

Brian Hanks said...

Funniest. Blog post. Ever.