Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Once again, we were not able to travel for Thanksgiving this year, so we hosted the holiday by ourselves, for ourselves. We started out the day at 5 am. Kevin and I got out of bed, put the Kalua pig in the crock pot, bundled the girls in 3 layers of clothing, packed our bags, and headed to Naperville to run the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

Because we are trying to make the Turkey Trot a family tradition, we went the extra mile to make ourselves look festive. Both the girls wore home-made turkey hats, I borrowed an Indian dress from Becca, and Kevin is really white, so...everyone figured out that he was suppose to be the Pilgrim!

The girls thought their hats were hilarious! They laughed every time they saw each other or their reflections. They weren't the only ones who liked them either, several people ooooooed and awwwwed at them and stopped to make comments or take pictures.

I myself was called Sacajawea several times as well as Pocahontas. One lady even came up to me and said, "Either you're wearing a great Halloween costume or you're a real Indian!" I told her she was right on both, she gave herself a cheer, and then we went on our separate ways.

The race itself went smoothly. It was the first time I'd ever run with a stroller and my arms were sore, but it only slowed me down 2 minutes total. We started dead last (because we were 2 out of 15 strollers in a crowd of 6,100 runners) but managed to pass over 2,000 runners before finishing in 38 minutes and 8 seconds!

When we got home, we watched the movie "The Last Air bender" while the girls napped and Kevin and I started the cooking. Dinner was done and the feast began at 4 pm. We had Kalua pig, wild rice, home-made rolls, devilled eggs, asparagus fried with SPAM, and fresh apple cider!

When we were sufficiently digested, Kevin and I started on desserts. He made a Texas sheet cake, and I made apple crisp. Then we had our neighbors over for desserts and games. It was so much fun but it totally wiped us out. We were more than happy to crash in our beds that night!

The next day, the girls and I went to Kevin's work to decorate his desk for Christmas. After that, we came home and started our own decorations. The girls had a blast setting up the tree, although I think Lily is a little peeved that she can't fully reach it, and Kevin and I had fun finding places for everything else.

The spot in the house that I am the most proud of is our fireplace. I made the wall hanging and the two big stockings a few years ago, and this year I crocheted the other 2 stockings for the girls. Its pretty cool to look at it and know that I made the whole thing!

Anyway, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving even though we desperately missed our families and we are excited to start even more traditions for our upcoming Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!!!


Brian Hanks said...

Looks like a blast! Nice to know I wasn't the only one that worked the Friday after Thanksgiving, too!

Natalie said...

You guys are so cool. I love reading your narrative on your blog. It always makes me smile.

I can't believe you didn't even have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! :)

Jennie said...

Loved the costumes, the decorations, and all the fun pics of you guys :) Happy Christmas season! Good job on those stockings!!

Beccarigg said...

Okay, those turkey hats are HILARIOUS!! I seriously love them sooo much! The girls look so stinking cute in them, it's no surprise everyone was going gaga over them, they rock! Did you come up with the design by yourself? So cute and creative! (Also you look majorly hot in the Indian outfit, ow ow!)

I love that you guys took on the holiday by yourselves and made some awesome family traditions. You're girls are so lucky! I wish I could've eaten some of that awesome food too! Sounds heavenly! I think turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce are WAY overrated! Much rather have the stuff you guys ate!

Your Christmas decorations look great too! We're going tree shopping tonight for FHE. It will be the first time in my life we've had a real tree! I'm excited : )

Hope you guys have a great Christmas season and remember, if you feel like ditching Chicago and making a spontaneous trip out East for the holidays you know we'll cover your gas!! LOVE YOU!!

Sarah said...

You're so talented. I want to learn how toskr stockings next time I see you. You guys looked awesome fir the turkey trot. How fun. I love being with family for the holidays, but reading your blog makes me want to try having our own holiday meal and traditions.