Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun with Christmas Giving!

As wonderfully fun as it is to get new things for Christmas, I still think I have a little more fun when I get to give a great gift. This year Kevin and I took that a step further and decided to give more home-made gifts! Here are a few of the fun things we were able to make and share with our friends and family:

This snowman was crafted out of 2X4 scraps, an old shirt and some wrapping paper! My friend Liberty Cameron taught me how to make him. We gave it to our good friends the Cotton's to thank them for the FANTASTIC Christmas Eve dinner that they shared with us!

We made this Grandchild Nativity for Kevin's mom for Christmas. Janna's daughter Audrey is the first sheep, Brian's kids Wes and Sydney star as Joseph and Mary, Lily is sheep number two, and Brooklyn tops the piece as the Angel. There is also room to grow on the sides in case Natalie, Sara, or Janna want to help make some wise men and shepherds. :)

Kevin and I crafted this medal hanging plaque (with some more help from Liberty Cameron) for my Marathon running sister and her speedy husband too! It was my first attempt using vinyl and I think it turned out pretty good!

Brooklyn got a mermaid outfit made out of a pajama leg, some extra hula costume material, and an old tank top. This isn't the best picture but she still looks cute in her mermaid clothes!

As a Christmas day project, Kevin's mom helped me to insulate our window seat by adding a padded window seat cover. She, of course, did all the hard stuff, but I actually did sew every stitch by myself. Its been a great addition to our home. We are much warmer in our living room now and we have more comfortable seating for our guests.

Last, but not least, the bunk beds! This was a project we wanted to finish for the girls for Christmas, but without a garage or yard, and with freezing temperatures, it took a little longer than we had hoped. Thanks to our friends the Cotton's, who let us borrow their garage the last few weeks, the beds are finally 100% built and back in my living room waiting to be painted and reassembled. I will post more pictures when it is done. Until then, happy crafting and happy giving!


Tau said...

Love the thought Naomi. I agree, I really enjoy giving more than receiving. Glad u guys had a good Christmas!

Brian Hanks said...

Very crafty! I'm thoroughly impressed with everything!

Beccarigg said...

Your projects all came out AWESOME!! I'm in love with that nativity, TOTALLY think we should try and do it for Mom next year. Cutest thing ever! We also LOVE LOVE LOVE our medal hanging plaque. It looks so awesome in our den with all our running frames. Such a cool gift!

Sarah said...

You guys are so talented. I agree with Becca on the nativity thing. Can't wait to see the finished bunk beds. I'm glad the Hanks got to come out and see you guys. That padded seat looks so comfy too. Great job

Cindy Uda said...

Naomi, You and Kevin are so talented! I am so amazed at all of the things you two can do. Love all of the pictures and updates. By the way, congratulations on all of the things you have accomplished this year. You are and inspiration to us all!
Hugs and Kisses!

Liberty said...

I agree....SUPER CUTE!! I love how the snowman turned out, super cute! That nativity is the cutest thing ever! I might try that one next year and I can't wait to see the bunk beds!!!