Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend started out for us with a power outage and then a "brown out" (When the power comes back on but not enough to run anything.) So, when Kevin got home from work on Friday, we jumped in the car and went to eat pizza in a neighboring city that still had power!

Here is Brooklyn outside the restaurant while we waited for out food.

We ended up eating late so as soon as we got home the girls went to bed and Kevin and I relaxed with some NCIS while I sewed costumes for my luau the next day.

Saturday morning was spent finishing up my costumes and then we were off to the DuPage Airport where we performed, ate, and then watched the remainder of the show.

Brooklyn really loved watching the dancers and charged the stage several times. Luckily, Kevin and I utilized great team work and were able to keep her from presenting the "Brooklyn Show" to our clients.

When we got home from the luau there was still plenty of sunshine outside so we headed to the Green Trails pool!

Brooklyn and Lily both loved swimming with their daddy. In fact, it was all smiles until we told Brooklyn it was time to go home. Then she melted down, begging her daddy to let her stay and swim like Ariel. She even promised he could be Prince Eric if we could stay. Then mommy stood up and started walking toward her...to which she responded by yelling "Oh NO!" loudly while frantically backing up against the fence. Nice! I'm sure everyone at the pool thought I was going to take her home and beat her after that reaction. Don't worry, her punishment only consisted of her apologizing to her daddy and asking nicely if we could come back later. :)

Sunday morning we got up at 6:30am. Brooklyn gave Kevin his father's day card and gift card to Home Depot and I made him blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Then we packed up and went to church. After church we let Kevin have a long nap while I made lasagna and grilled mushrooms and asparagus for Kevin's special request dinner. After that we took pictures of Kevin with the girls in their special Father's Day shirts.

Brooklyn's shirt says "Daddy does my hair!" and Lily's shirt says "Don't look at me...that smell is coming from daddy!" As you can tell from the pictures, everyone was in a really good mood.

The next day we went to Home Depot and Kevin bought himself a new tool box and a super fancy fan with his gift card. I think it turned out to be a pretty successful Father's Day weekend and I am looking forward to many more!


Jennie said...

Dude I love the shirts!! Kev looks better and the girls are cute as always :) Glad you danced in luau and had a great weekend!!!

Tau said...

Sounds like fun. Glad Kevin enjoyed his day.

jksfam said...

Those are awesome t-shirts! :)

Beccarigg said...

What a great weekend! The girls shirts are hilarious! I'm totally impressed with your Father's day dinner! You got some mad cooking skills girl! Dude, also why no pics of you dancing? I want to see Naomi getting her hula on! So cool that you're doing that again btw. Love you!