Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lily is 4 months old!

Lily is officially 4 months old! We just had her 4 month well checkup and it went great. She is 25 inches long (3 inches taller than Brooklyn at this age) and 15 pounds (5 pounds less than Brooklyn at this age). She was in the 75th percentile all around and the Doctor and nurse both commented on how perfectly proportioned she is.

Two funny things from the appointment: They couldn't believe how chunky her thighs were, which I thought was funny because they are half the size Brooklyn's were, and they couldn't believe how developmentally advanced she is, which I thought was funny because her cousin Audrey is kicking her butt developmentally and they are the same age. They kept saying she is more like a 6 month old and I couldn't help thinking that they would just die if they saw Audrey crawling around and doing push ups at 4 months!

In non-health related news, Lily is starting to get a very funny sense of humor. She thinks we are all very funny and has even learned how to courtesy laugh when she knows we are trying to be funny but are not succeeding!

She has gotten very good at using her hands. She loves this ball but her favorite toy to play with is the diaper wipe bag. It makes crinkly noises that she just can't get enough of.

She went on her very first hike and loved it. We weren't able to start her as early as Brooklyn since we have no mountains here, but I don't think she'll be too wounded.

She went "swimming" for the first time at her Grandma Hanks' house. She didn't love it, but she didn't hate it either...baby steps right?

She learned how to roll from her tummy to her back. We are very proud of her but unfortunately, her head is starting to get really flat now that I cant keep her on her belly any more.

And last of all, she has finally learned how to let her big sister know that she doesn't want to play. Both of my girls are very vocal, but Lily only cries when she is hungry and when Brooklyn starts to hover around her. Enjoy!


Tau said...

They grow so fast!

Janna and Tyler said...

That's funny, Audrey loves her diaper wipe bag too! They must be related!

Jennie said...

Ooo I miss those girls :) Wish I could just come out and be with you guys all the time. Good job you awesome Mommy Naomi- ya done good!

Ioane said...

I love how Brooklyn just fake cries with Lily, then you get twice the noise. What cute little girls you have. I wish you lived closer.