Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Closing Out the Rest of June!

June was a fun and exciting month for our little family. So exciting in fact, that I ran out of time to blog! So here are a few pictures from some of our highlights:

I had this old dress that ripped to shreds, but before throwing it away I gave it to Brooklyn and let her play dress up. She wore it for the entire morning until nap time when I made her take it off...much to her chagrin!

A wonderful lady in our ward helped take care of Brooklyn while I was in Utah, so I returned the favor...sort of...by watching her kids while she and her husband went to a movie. Brooklyn LOVED having extra kids around and they played hard all day!

Kevin's cousins, Nick and Lachelle, invited us to go camping with them in Indiana. We ended up at this funny camp ground.

Camping with a 4 month old meant making some minor adjustments on the way our tent was set up, but we managed. In fact, Lily did great and slept all through the night despite a MAJOR thunderstorm that rolled through at 2 in the morning.

Nick and Lachelle did their homework before we got together and found a really neat beach for us to hang out at the next day. We don't have any pictures but I can guarantee you that it was the best day of Brooklyn's entire life! Even Lily enjoyed splashing around in the waves.

Highlights from the camp out:

Kevin brought glow sticks for the kids that ended up being "light sabers"
Nick and Lachelle helped the kids catch fireflies
The crazy thunderstorm that soaked all our stuff
Keyton singing Weird Al's Yoda song (forgive me Hanks family for not knowing the name)
Watching Brooklyn get excited about peeing on a log for the first time.

Lowlights from the camp out:

Wearing wet clothes because our tent flooded
Sharing our shelter from the storm with hundreds of slugs, spiders, and earwigs
Being covered in spider bites

We all left looking like dirty hobos, but that didn't stop Brooklyn from making me put her hair up like a "princess" in the morning!

Lily was a pleasure to have along and truly handled herself like a champ! She is Kevin's daughter all the way and I have a feeling we will have many more pleasurable camp outs with her in the future...as long as she can keep herself from getting milk drunk again!

And the last random thing for the month, We blew up our little swimming pool and let the girls play in it, both with and without water. They had SO much fun together which meant I had fun too. I love watching my girls play together. It is one of those great rewards for a mother.


Beccarigg said...

That first picture is pure happiness : ) Seriously, she just lit up my whole computer with that gorgeous face and those sparkling eyes. I sure love that little girl! Looks like you guys had a great month of June! That's so awesome that you're girls get introduced to camping at such a young age! Very impressive! Lily does look a little wasted though in that milk drunk pic! lol! Great post!

Tara said...

Your 4-month-old slept through the night. Camping. WOW. That is seriously amazing.

Natalie said...

Your low lights made me SO glad I wasn't on that camping trip with you. Glad it was memorable!

Cindy Uda said...

Thanks for sharing Naomi! Love all the pictures. I sure miss those sweet little girls. They are beautiful. I hope we can start planning for an Uda Camping family reunion every other summer. What do you think? I think we would all have a blast!