Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Blessing Weekend: Part One

This past weekend we were lucky to have many of our family members come out to visit for Lily's baby blessing! The first to arrive were Grandpa Uda, Aunt Sarah, and Cousin Noa. After picking them up at the airport on Friday night, we crashed at home with Rambo on the TV and a big fat pizza from Giordano's.

When we woke up on Saturday morning, we all enjoyed some veggie omelets before heading over to our ward building for the annual Spring Cleaning. Dad and Sarah were great helpers vacuuming the pews and scrubbing down the artwork. After the cleaning, my dad even helped the bishop grill all the hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch!

We got home from spring cleaning and got all the kids fed and napped, then headed over to the Children's Museum of Dupage. It was SO much fun to watch Noa and Brooklyn discover new things, and it was also enjoyable to watch my dad enjoy his grandchildren.

Here is Grandpa Uda entertaining the grand kids from his water bubble.

There is a little place in the museum where the kids can use real tools to build something in the wood shop. Sarah helped Noa while Grandpa helped Brooklyn and I took pictures.

Noa loved anything that involved a ball. Here he is in the wind section of the museum watching his ball "float" in the air!

Brooklyn doesn't usually like the wind tunnel, but after she found some windmill toys she had a blast!

The kids played until the adults were officially worn out... and in the process were able to enjoy everything from musical instruments to wind machines, water worlds, and giant bubbles!

When we got home from the museum, Grandpa Uda took Brooklyn to the store to get her a "special treat". She came home with this adorable teddy bear that is now her favorite TV watching partner.

We got home from the store just as Grandma and Grandpa Hanks arrived from Michigan with Uncle Brian, Aunt Janna, Cousin Audrey, and Daddy in tow. They had all been in Ann Arbor for Brian's graduation. We were able to enjoy a few hours of their company before we all went to bed to prepare for Lily's blessing the next morning.

More on that tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Brooklyn likes the Teddy Bear, finally. She had such a difficult time deciding what she wanted in the store. I think she wanted everything that we put in front of her. That's why I sent her out of the store. I finally had to make the decision myself. Love, Dad.

Beccarigg said...

So fun! It makes me happy to see Dad getting so into all the Grandkids. He's such a good Papa! That picture of Brooklyn watching TV with her new teddy is too cute for words! Glad you got to have family there for Lily's special day : )

Natalie said...

So fun to have family around!

Ioane said...

I had such a wonderful time in Chicago with you. If only we lived closer. I even miss waking up so early :) Thank you Hanks family for letting Noa, I, and the ants invade your home for a spell.

p.s. I love the picture of Brooklyn kicking her feet up to relax. So cute