Sunday, May 9, 2010

Baby Blessing Weekend: Part Four

Monday morning we ate breakfast with Kevin's family and had a little more fun before they took off to their different destinations. We had SO much fun with them and were VERY grateful that they made the sacrifices necessary to come out and support us.

The rest of that day, Sarah and I pretty much bummed around and let our kids run a muck before Kevin came home and got us all out on a walk to the park!

Kevin took this picture of Sarah and I with Noa and Lily. He was pushing Brooklyn in our other stroller.

Because Kevin had the camera, we don't have many pictures with him...but he always remembers to get in at least one shot like this!

Brooklyn and Noa loved the park. They were so brave climbing the ladders and sliding down the slides. It was fun to watch them.

At one park some dude blew bubbles for the kids. Coincidentally, we were able to get this funny looking picture of Noa...

...and one of Brooklyn as well!

We also got to enjoy the beautiful weather and nature! This little family of geese was just hanging around the pond so we took a picture before they started hissing at us.

Me and Sarah on the bench with Lily at the park.

Lily's new favorite puking position. I hold her like this after she eats, and in just a few seconds, she pukes in the grass! It saves on laundry!

On Wednesday, Sarah and I took the kids to the Morton Arboretum before she had to catch a plane back home. Here she is standing on a platform where you can see all the mazes throughout the park.

Me and the kids taking a break from walking, playing, fighting, timeout, walking again...etc.

Brooklyn and Noa going through the giant acorn.

This lady was trying to water the gardens and Brooklyn wanted to help SO bad! She kept trying to run off with the watering cans but they were too heavy for her.

Brooklyn kissing the metal frogs...she's really into princesses these days. I wonder if she thought it would turn into a prince?

Noa chillaxin in the giant rocking chair.

Brooklyn playing in the frog pond.

Noa rolling the giant ball.

Brooklyn enjoying the beautiful gardens.

After we got back from the Arboretum and got the kids fed and napped, Sarah and Noa packed their things and headed back to Utah. :(

We had so much fun with them and ALL our family! It was wonderful to be surrounded by so much love. We love you guys and thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and visit the Chicago Hanks family!


Beccarigg said...

Awww, Sarah looks so cute prego! I'm so glad you guys got to hang out together. Noa and Brooklyn look like they had fun cousin time. Love the pic of them under the acorn and the one of Brooklyn playing in the frog pond. The Goose family was also pretty darn cute. Yay for family!

Jennie said...

Oh man!! I am soooo jealous right now! It might have something to do with the fact that I'm at work, again, so I can come out there. But it will be so worth it when I get to your house!!! 2 more days and here I come :)

Natalie said...

LOVE Lily's eyes. Sarah's pregnant? I couldn't even tell!

Sarah said...

Oh Naomi, that was such a fun trip. Thanks so much again for letting me come to your house and stay. Noa still asks for "Brookin" everyday. Those pictures are so cute, especially the one with them holding hands because in real life they were trying to kill each other. Good times.