Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday Foto: What’s your vote!?

Reading on the Throne

Okay, so what do you think….

SOMEBODY taught Brooklyn that it was okay to enjoy a good read while taking care of business on the porcelain throne… either:

A: Kevin taught Brooklyn this,


B: Naomi taught Brooklyn this.

What do you think?!

Honestly, I think the answer is pretty obvious, but we’ll get a vote anyway!


Heidi said...

Heidi votes A. Isaac said, "she takes after her father". So it looks like we're unanimous. Either way, it looks like whoever taught her won't have to teach any of the other kids... Brooklyn will probably take care of that. Cute picture!

Brian Hanks said...

Duh. Same person that comes from the family that has an individual teaching Wes to do the same thing.

Pae and Guy said...

Was this photo taken BEFORE or AFTER she pee'd on you? If before, I vote Kev....If after...well, I still vote Kev!!

Jordan and Heather Humbert said...

I say Naomi? ( I realize this could get me in heaps of trouble).

jk. Hey Kev I saw your parents in church today. They said you are doing well, but not coming home for Xmas. I can't believe you not coming home to see me!!!


Beccarigg said...

I vote both! Even if I am desperate to go potty I can't sit on the pot without some good reading material. Atta girl Brooklyn!

Liberty said...'s a toss up for me...BUT I'm gonna vote Kev...sounds more like a guy thing.

Natalie said...

I agree whole-heartedly with Brian. I feel very weird about books in the bathroom, but I've had to adapt being married to a Hanks.

just nikki said...

Definitely Kevin. He enjoys a good read any time of the day, no matter what he's doing.

Jennie said...

So definitely Kevin :) It's very smith of her and I love it!!

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

That is SO FUNNY! My kids were never potty trained that early! Congratulations!