Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Happy Holiday Weekend with the Riggs!

As an early Christmas gift to ourselves, Kevin and I decided to drive up to Minnesota to spend the weekend with Becca and Taber and their girls! We left straight from Kevin's work on Thursday and drove until 11:30pm when we finally reached the Rigg residence. Then we stayed up until 2am eating junk and chatting with Becca!

The next morning (after sleeping in as long as the girls would let us) we packed up and went to The General Mills Headquarters to see where Taber works. The tour was amazing and we even got to sample a new product that hasn't come out yet!

When we got home, we put Brooklyn and Brinley down for naps. Kevin also put himself down for a nap and his new best buddy, Teya, decided to make herself comfortable on his legs while she was having quiet time! It was SO cute. They sat like that for 2 hours!

That night we all got dressed up and headed to the Rigg's Ward Christmas Party! We ate lots of junk and got to visit with some people that Kevin ran the Ragnar race with, and then we got to see SANTA! Surprisingly, Brooklyn wasn't afraid of him at all and every chance she got, she would cut in line and sit herself on his lap! It was awesome!

After the party, we put the girls to bed and had a little gift exchange/game night! This picture is of the gift Kevin made for Taber. He made a frame to show off Taber's first marathon accomplishment and we took the picture with our new camera from the Riggs!!! After exchanging gifts, we played some pounce and a fun new game that Becca taught us. It was great fun!

The next morning, I got up with the girls and Taber, Becca, and Kevin headed to a near by lake where they started the morning off with a 20 degree, 4 mile run! These guys are die hard runners!
It was so cold that Becca's sweat froze to her face! Brrrrrr! No thanks! I choose life!

Of course, a little cold never stopped these guys from having a good time! I think Kevin liked it the most...can you tell by the face he is making?

After they got back from their run and got showered, we dressed the girls and drove over to a free petting zoo/playground. It was a little cold for the playground but that didn't stop Taber and Kevin from taking a few rides down the zip line. I'm pretty sure they were having a lot more fun than the girls!
Here are the boys showing off their gymnastic skills. Wow! Look at all those rippling muscles! I can't do that.
The girls loved the animals and even got to pet a really weird looking chicken and some grumpy old goats. It was so fun to see them mimicking animal noises and chasing the goats!

While the boys were playing with the zip line, Teya and Brooklyn enjoyed romping through the snow. Becca caught these great pictures of them by the animal barn!

Here is Brooklyn showing off her tongue for Becca! Not very ladylike but she still looks cute to me!
This is my favorite picture from the whole trip! The girls are on a teeter totter and Taber is on the other end moving them up and down. So cute! So happy! LOVE IT!

When we got home from our outside adventure, we put the girls down for a nap and got ready to go to the MALL OF AMERICA! Becca was able to convince one of the young women in her ward to babysit the girls, so we actually got to see a movie while we were there! It was SO much fun to be on a double date...its been a really long time since we did something like that!

Sunday was our last day of fun with the Riggs and was too short for me. We got up early and dressed the girls in matching dresses that Becca bought them. After trying desperately to get a picture of all of them smiling at the camera at the same time, we gave up and packed them up for church. Kevin, Brooklyn and I stayed for Sacrament meeting and then said our good byes. It was very sad to leave but we had a fun filled weekend and didn't waste a second of time!

Thanks Becca and Taber for a wonderful weekend! We love you guys SO much and miss you already!


Natalie said...

Sounds like fun!

Kevin - you are an amazing fancy-frame maker!

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

I love that pic of Teya laying on Kevin! So adorable. Also the pic of the girls on the teeter totter is like a postcard. I love how Becca likes to buy matching outfits for the girls. When she was here she bought matching pajamas for Maile and her girls. I can't wait to get a pic of all 6 girls (after yours is born) together. That will be classic! I'm really missing you. Its been WAY too long :(

Brian Hanks said...

great pictures, I think the new camera is a keeper!

Tau said...

Wow that looks like fun. You guys need to find an indoor track--too intense for me. I'm referring to the running overall...hahaha. Glad you guys were able to get together. We'll miss you guys this month.

Jennie said...

So much fun- but too cold for me!! Glad it was you guys freezing your butts off :) I'm glad you got to take at least a quick trip to visit family. Miss you!

Beccarigg said...

There really aren't words for how much I loved that weekend. I definitely think your post captured it better than mine but still, how can any of us capture that level of extreme awesomeness? It was just the perfect balance of everything. Food, fun, games, exercise, kids stuff, grown up stuff, Christmas stuff, etc... Seriously an unforgettable weekend. Thanks again for coming out!
p.s. that's so funny that you put in the picture of me and Kara Goucher! haha! I guess runners have their own celebrities : )

Ioane said...

Oh Brooklyn is such a doll. Looks like you guys had so much fun together. I wish I could see you guys. This year for sure.