Monday, September 14, 2009

While They Were Running...

While Taber, Becca and Kevin were running for 2 days...(which is considered "FUN" for many people)...
I got to spend the weekend with my mom and dad who flew out to take care of Teya and Brinley during the race! This was all thanks to my sister Sarah and her awesome husband Tau (who helped me figure out a way to get to MN) as well as my sister Janna and her awesome husband Tyler (who sacrificed a lot to take care of my responsibilities in Chicago while I was away...and after I got back!) You guys are the BOMB!

During our time together, Me and Brooklyn were treated to a wonderful meal at the Rainforest Cafe from mom and dad! Brooklyn ate as much as Teya and Brinley combined, although I think Brinley would have matched her if we had allowed it!

After we ate, we bought one of Becca's favorite treats to split amongst ourselves, just to make Becca rethink her decision to spend 2 days running without sleep or food! :) He HE!

Brooklyn even got a hug from her Hero, Dora the Explorer! She couldn't have been happier and was giggling hysterically!

The hug was received at the amusement park in the middle of The Mall of America where grandma and grandpa Uda took us to make sure we were all spoiled good and hard before they left! The girls also got to play in Lego Land at the mall, and since Legos are Brooklyn's new favorite toy, it was a smash hit!

Grandma and Grandpa also took turns taking the girls on the round-and-round rides (because they make me sick) which got Brooklyn begging for "mo wides? please Wide?" And officially placed them higher on the "coolest people alive" list then mommy!

Then to top things off, Grandma bought Brooklyn a matching necklace and bracelet and a gooey frog that she named Teya! They are currently her favorite treasures.
We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend together and I am SO grateful to my sisters for making it possible for me to get a much needed break. I love you all!

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Beccarigg said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe Brooklyn named her frog Teya!! That is so dang cute! I love all those pics, I hadn't even seen half of the ones from the mall of America. The one of them playing legos is adorable, and I can't get over how cute Teya and Brooklyn look riding that Blue's clues ride together! Awwwww....Man, seeing all those pictures really IS making me rethink running like a nut for 2 days with no sleep...doh!

p.s. could Brooklyn be anymore gorgeous in that last pic? Love her!

Liz Uda said...

I agree with bec... brooklyn is so stinkin beautiful. Lucky she gets it from her mommy.

Brian Hanks said...

Good to see that while Kevin was having "fun" you were having some fun of your own!

Rachel said...

Teya the Frog! Hahaha! So I still can't get over the fact that Brooklyn has curly hair. I'm interested to see what your next one looks like...whenever that may be :) So much fun. Too bad we all live far away from each other. It would be cool to take ALL the cousins out on a fun play date like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Naom!

That was our favorite day! We had so much fun with our beautiful little grandgirls. Dad and I keep talking about how much we love and miss those little girls. Dad was just showing me this picture of Brooklyn last night and just went on and on about how adorable she is. What a classic beauty. He said she should be the next Shirley Temple. I agree. Love and miss you all so much. Keep those blogs blogging.

Hugs and Kisses
Mama Uda