Monday, March 2, 2009

Summing Up the END of February

Well, even though the snow comes and goes here, it is still freezing cold and thus, impossible to gather the motivation to leave the house. SO, in order to stave off the cabin fever, Kevin and I have been trying to be creative with what we have inside the house. This month we made a sugar cookie into the Eiffel Tower! We also made a birdhouse out of Popsicle sticks, added a sliding tray to our desk so the printer is easier to access and started an indoor greenhouse to get a jump on Spring!

Here is Brooklyn watching her daddy through the window while he builds the shelf for our printer.

Brooklyn's hair is finally long enough for a pony's kind of wussy but at least it is possible. She is pretty obsessed with herself lately. She loves to put bows, flowers and headbands in her hair and then she sits in front of the hall mirror and touches her head while saying "petty" (pretty) over and over again.

Brooklyn is walking like crazy now. The only time she crawls is when she needs to get to something to help her stand up so she can walk. She loves to play outside on our deck, even when it is freezing outside and has recently learned (from cousin Wes) that it is fun to jump off the couch onto stacks of blankets and pillows. She is also trying to talk now. She mostly jabbers in Ewok but can now speak a few words in English as well. Her vocabulary consists of: Mommy, Daddy, up, down, no, bear, baby, eew, cracker, and "there it is" (pronounced de ee aye).

The last weekend of February, Brian and Natalie came back to visit us. Brooklyn was so happy to have Wes back. She really loves him and worships the ground he walks on. While they were here we got to drive down town and visit the Children's Museum! Here are some random pictures from our visit:

This is Wes and Brooklyn in the safety section of the museum.
Here is Kevin and Brooklyn under the fake Sears Tower!

Kevin trying to help Sydney feel like she was part of the crew. She doesn't seem to be enjoying his efforts!

Brooklyn and Wes playing in the water works section. They could have stayed here all day!

Brian and Wes pounding on pot lids in the noise department

Brooklyn and her daddy racing balls down the ramp

After our visit to the museum, we had a lot of time to relax and visit. Here is Brooklyn and Wes just chillin on the couch. This picture was taken right after Brooklyn had a total come apart because she wanted to sit next to Wes and I was in the way...she got her point across!

Last but not least, Brooklyn is doing really well at sleeping in her "Big Girl" bed. She wiggles a lot in her sleep and never wakes up where we left her, but she is staying in the bed. Although, the other night I woke up at 4 in the morning to the sound of her hitting the floor. She had fallen asleep staring over the edge of the bed. Eventually her head had too much fun flirting with gravity and she hit the deck! She was still mostly asleep when I raced into her room and scooped her up from the floor!


Anonymous said...

Naomi and Kevin,
What a beautiful little girl you have. Sounds like she has a very determined mind set. Naomi, your Mom did too. Also the way Brooklyn's hair is growing in, it is very much the way your Mom's came in. I couldn't even put it in a pony tail at one Year.
Love from Grandma Pratt

Pae and Guy said...

Which one is she? The yellow one or the brown one?!!

It's like Toy Story, yall walk in and she and the bear just go limp!

Beccarigg said...

Brooklyn's ponytail is the cutest thing ever! I can't believe Brian and Natalie have already visited you guys twice. Lucky! I want visitors! The children's museum looks dope,we should go sometime. Oh yeah, and that is the saddest/funniest story about Brooklyn falling out of her bed. : ) What a big girl!

Lisa said...

I worry about when Isabella starts sleeping in her own bed, I think there will be many nights like Miss Brooklyn of falling off the bed!