Monday, March 9, 2009


On Saturday we were driving to the grocery store and Kevin spit out the window. Brooklyn looked up at me and said "eeee doddy gucky!" (Eeew Daddy's Yucky!) She also says Eeew Yucky! every time we change her diaper or wipe her nose.

Whenever we walk up the stairs into our apartment Brooklyn says "GO! GO! GO!" because I always cheer her on when she is climbing the stairs.

Brooklyn is totally in love with the teddy bear that Joseph gave her when she was born. She walks around looking for it saying "beer? beer?" (bear? bear?)

Today I was holding Brooklyn's hand and walking her to her room so she could take a nap. While we were walking she kept saying "nah nah, nah nah" (night night, night night)

Brooklyn likes to say daddy way more than mommy, however, whenever she gets hurt, I'm the one she wants. Today she jumped off her bed...OVER the railing and smashed into the floor. I heard the thump...a pause... and then..."MEEEEEEMEEEEEEEE! (Mommy)

Ever since we spent time living with Gizmo, Brooklyn has been in love with dogs. On Saturday we met one of Kevin's friends from work who had a big dog. I whistled so it would come and see me. Now whenever Brooklyn sees a dog she says "Goggie!" and then she blows air through her lips in the attempt to whistle.

Because Brooklyn likes to be free to wonder as she pleases, she has gotten really good at saying "Down" whenever she wants to walk around. I took her to church by myself on Sunday because Kevin was sick and she spent the majority of the 3 hours sitting on my lap saying "down? no no! down?" It was awesome!


Uda-007 said...

Dang! You had to move away right when she was getting cute! lol j/k sis I miss you guys so much...Thanks for keeping us posted.

Naomi Hanks said...
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Kevin Hanks said...

In my defense . . . I have been pretty sick lately, and that day I was starting to get over it, so my sinuses were starting to clear out, thus, some loogies accured. This one just happened to occur while I was driving. Enough said.

Sara Katherine said...

i want to see a video compiling all these moments. it could be like "Brooklyn: Greatest Hits" =)

Liz Uda said...

awww I am so excited to see her again... and then next thing on her list..... " sup cuh" ( what's up cousin.) and " AUNTIE LIZ IS MY FAVORITE!!!!" LOL Yes it's an excelent plan. Omi... start prepping her now... lol love ya guys