Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day!

This year was one of the most fun and relaxing Valentines days I have ever had! The night before, Kevin and I slept in the living room so we could stay up late watching movies and playing Pounce!
In the morning, Kevin made us all breakfast. We had waffles and they were delicious!

Then we opened presents together. Kevin got me an amazing spice rack and I was SO happy!!! Brooklyn got me a swim cap so my hair won't get ruined while I train for my triathlon. Kevin got Brooklyn some child locks for the kitchen cabinets so that she can hang out with us when we are cooking. And Brooklyn and I got Kevin 3 Giant bags of M&M's!

After we opened presents we hung out around the house, let Brooklyn take a nap in the living room, played on the balcony, and then we walked to Wal-mart and Home Depot and looked at all the cool gardening things! When we got home, we made the best Mud Brownie EVER (thanks to Natalie) and ate it while we watched some fun red box movies!
The best part...Kevin cleaned everything up the next day so I wouldn't have to! I sure do love that guy!!!

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Ioane said...

You go Kevin! Sounds like you guys had a great v-day. No rock climbing?