Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Highlights from a CRAZY week!

At the beginning of last week I was getting a little depressed. It was FREEZING cold (the high temperature usually under 10 degrees), I had NO kitchen, NO car, and NO friends to go visit! Then I got an awesome pep-talk from my best friend Jennie, set some new goals, and said a little prayer before I went to bed... and then...EVERYTHING got better.

On Friday, I got a call from a lady in the ward telling me that the weather was going to warm up into the forties so she and a bunch of other moms were going to drive downtown together to the Field Museum for a playdate with their kids. She invited me to go and offered me a ride. YES! Finally I was going to get out of the house!

Then, on my way out the door, our landlord called and said she was sending in the maintenance guys that day to finish my kitchen!!! Hooray! Warm weather, a finished kitchen, and intelligent socialization! How could it get any better than that?!

We went to the museum and it was a beautiful day. We even got in for FREE! Brooklyn loved touching everything and being around other little kids. Her favorite was the music room. She actually understood the concept of using this thing and played some pretty good music.

The room was even soundproof so no one else had to listen but the people inside...VERY good idea. I wish our apartment was soundproof too!

Brooklyn also liked playing these bells, although I think she would have preferred ripping them off and eating them over making sound with them.

Here are some other pictures from the museum. We saw skeletons and sculptures, played with fossils, and pretended to be hatching dinosaurs and Mayan villagers.
In all, 23 people went to the museum and I learned all of their names! Now I have a whole set of new friends to call when it gets too cold and lonely!
When I got home from the museum, the kitchen was already finished. It was so good to know that I wouldn't have to wash dishes in the bathtub, make waffles on my living room floor, or store kitchen appliances on my hallway shelf any more!

This is what our kitchen looked like before. There were only cabinets on one wall and only 1/3 of our things fit in them. Also, we had a linoleum floor that had a huge bubble right in the middle!

This is what our house has looked like almost the whole time we've been here. Iggy and Leo were a permanent part of the decor as well. Brooklyn even started calling them "Daddy" when they would come every morning!

This is the finished product. A new sink and dishwasher, cabinets all the way around, new counter tops, and a new wood floor without a big bubble in the middle!
Some other random things that happened this week: The temperatures hit the sixties and all our snow melted so Brooklyn and I played out on our balcony. Brooklyn will finally sit still for a whole TV show without tearing things off the shelves. She also learned how to escape from her footie pajamas AND she slept in her "big girl" bed for the first time.
Also, not pictured on this blog: We went to a Chinese New Year celebration at our ward and met a million new people, had dinner at the Noorda's house in our ward, got new ward callings and an assignment to speak in church next Sunday, and I am getting really good at finding my way around...yes...I am actually driving!


Janna and Tyler said...

Brooklyn is getting so big! You know, if you are bored, you can always call me! But I can't promise intelligent conversation...


Sara Katherine said...

I'm so happy that things are looking up, Naomi! =) New friends are always good news. What are your guys' callings? Craig and I got called this week as well; we're both chairs of committees we didn't know existed. =) Love and miss you all!

Naomi Hanks said...

Sara, What committees were you called to? Just curious. I got called as the Mia maids advisor and Kevin is a Sunday school teacher for the 14 and 15 year olds.

Ha Ha! Janna. You are SO funny. I guarantee that a conversation with you would be far more intelligent than any that I engage in now!

jksfam said...

Yea! I'm so happy for you! The kitchen looks great!

Tara said...

First let me say, I love that pic of you guys up top. You look like a movie star with your movie star baby, and good ole Kevin is being his silly self. It's perfect!
Your kitchen looks great! I like those see-through doors, they're a nice touch!

Brian Hanks said...

Yay for new kitchens! Congrats on the callings too...that didn't take long :)

Beccarigg said...

Love the update! I totally know how you feel with moving and feeling alone and such. Can't imagine having to add the whole kitchen thing. Hoorary for the power of prayer though! Sounds like you have an awesome ward and I'm sure all 23 of the people who came to the museum will become some of your greatest friends!

Brooklyn is cuter than ever. She totally has the same pink and orange coat that Teya does. I love her picture of her escaped pajamas. She looks so cute! The kitchen looks fabulous and I agree with Tara, your new header picture is perfect! Kevin is such a goof but that's why we love him!

Jennie said...

You are my hero! I'm so glad that you're meeting people out there to do things with. Also, love that there is no longer a bubble in the floor :) Miss you lots! I'll try and be as good here at meeting people as you are in Chicago!

Natalie said...

I feel like my comment is pointless since everyone has already commented. However, I'm really glad that you guys are finally getting settled. It can take a while, but good thing you're so likeable. :)

The warmer weather makes a huge difference too! We've been about 10 degrees colder, but it's still nice!

Ioane said...

Funny I was going to say the same thing about your header pic. Its an eye catcher. Your new kitchen looks great. It must be so nice. Brooklyn is growing up so fast. I can't wait to see what she'll be doing in a few months when you come out. Thanks for the update. I miss you!