Monday, February 2, 2009

Our FIRST Visitors!

Well, it happened! Only 2 weeks of living in Downers Grove and we had our FIRST visitors! Kevin's Brother, Brian drove down to Chicago from Michigan on Friday for some job interviews and since we were so close, he brought Natalie (his wife) and his kids, Wes and Sydney. We were SO excited to have some visitors but as luck would have it...right before they came Kevin, Brooklyn and I all got very sick with some kind of virus thingy! (That's why we look so bad in that picture above.)

If that weren't bad enough, our kitchen is still not finished so we don't have counters or a sink! We had to wash all our dishes in the bathtub. AND! Because we had no cabinets until 30 seconds before Natalie pulled into our parking lot, we also had no food in the house, and incidentally, because we hadn't shopped for food, we ran out of toilet paper right before they came as well!

Luckily, that didn't stop the fun. We just used paper plates and a whole lot of hand sanitizer!

While they were here, we got to let the children run wild together while we all relaxed, go to the McDonald's Play place, and exercise without finding a babysitter!

Also, Brian and Natalie decided that for a house warming gift, they would buy us some groceries. It was SO wonderful to finally have food in the house! That was honestly the nicest thing they could have done for us! When we got back from shopping, Natalie made us the best soup that I have ever tasted and then we played some pounce and had root beer floats!

But the three most memorable things of the trip were, number 1: P90X (an exercise program that all the Hanks children have decided to do together...

Here is Natalie cheering Brian on. It was probably the most intense exercise program I have ever he needed the extra love!

Here is Brian, Natalie and Kevin rockin out to P90X! I sat it out...because...I didn't feel like torturing myself for an hour and fifteen minutes that night! :)

This is what they looked like from where I was standing. Hopefully their coordination will improve by the end of the 90 days! :)

The second most memorable thing: Wes and Brooklyn Playing together! You could hardly pull them apart. Brooklyn basically worships Wes and she would follow him everywhere and do whatever he was doing. When they all left, she screamed bloody murder at the door for 5 minutes. I think she was actually mad at Brian and Natalie for taking Wes with them!

The third most memorable thing: Sydney! Sweet little Sydney. She is the cutest, calmest little baby in the world and both Kevin and I thoroughly enjoyed having her around to snuggle. It sure is different to hang out with a baby that doesn't chew you out every 5 minutes!

Well, it was a fun weekend despite the drawbacks and I even think Brian's interviews went well. Thanks for visiting guys! And for getting us food! :) Maybe next time I'll be a better hostess and I'll make YOU dinner instead!


Tara said...

Love the dishes in the bathtub! Your positive attitude is great, I get all kinds of stressed when I have visitors and everything isn't ready. You're a good example!

Jennie said...

Sounds like party! That P90X thing looked intense-probably I should do something like that to get myself in shape :)

Beccarigg said...

Haha! That's lame about doing your dishes in the tub and not having TP! Looks like it turned out to be cool though and Brian and Natalie are rock stars for buying you groceries! That's the best! Your nephew and niece are so cute, don't you just love seeing Brooklyn with her cousins? It's the best!

p.s. We all know the real reason you didn't do the workout is cuz you didn't want to make everyone else look bad with your buff P90X awesomeness. Very considerate of you : )

Woolston Fam said...

That p90x workouts are great. I did them last summer. It helped me lose about 10 pounds and I got alot stronger. It is a big commitment I hope he can stay with it. it is worth it.

Natalie said...

I already told you I love having an excuse to cook. Maybe next time I'll get around to making that dessert! :)

Lisa said...

That's so sweet that Brooklyn loves her cousin so much!