Saturday, August 9, 2008

People?! ... in our house?!

Naomi, Brooklyn and I have been in Chicago now for 2 1/2 months, enjoying the adventure and new scenery that my Internship with Burns & McDonnell has provided us. As you may know, sometimes when you move to a new location, away from family and friends, and all things familiar, some creativity and ingenuity are required to stave off boredom! Naomi and I have done some pretty fun stuff: Every puzzle in the house, exercising every day, oil painting, plenty of TV, every book we could get our hands on ... oh, and taking care of and playing with that adorable little worm we call Brooklyn.

However, starting last Thursday, Naomi and I have very much enjoyed a little bit of company! Brian and Natalie are in Chicago for a whole week just to visit us! Man are we cool! Rumors about their being here en route to Brian MBA program at the University of Michigan are grossly exaggerated.

Actually, other than Brian and Natalie, the only other guests that we've had over at our house were Karina Morales and her sister Jeannette (la viejita)! Again, we are the coolest!

I just had to join the "cool club" on the couch

Brooklyn and Wes enjoyed meeting each other for the first time. Brooklyn spit up her meal and Wes got sick (he's had a 101 deg fever since coming here yesterday)

Sizing each other up... Brooklyn's definitely has more baby fat.

I like Wes' "blue steel" look.

Wes even taught Brooklyn about credit cards, and the minutes of enjoyment that come of it.

Ahh, fun stuff. We love having company!


Karina Morales said...

Speaking of visiting your house. How about FHE a week from tomorrow? Will you still be here then? We need to catch up. Love you guys!

just nikki said...

DANG you guys are cool. Visitors are the best. I bet it took you guys awhile to adjust to your situation since you used to have people at your house ALL the time!

Jordan and Heather Humbert said...

Mr. K and Mrs. N

This is Jordan Humbert. I just found you blog and thought I better say Hi. Sounds like you are doing well. It was good to see you last Sunday at church. This is a boring I will quite now....stay in touch....we will always love you....or something like that!!!!!

Los Humbertos