Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Long Trek West...

Wow! So I guess its been a while since we blogged...But no worries, we're settled in now and ready to go! So here goes!

On August 16th, we helped pack up the rest of Brian and Natalie's stuff and then we drove them to Ann Arbor, Michigan where we helped them unload and got a quick tour of the campus where Brian will be spending every second of every day for the next 2 years!

Then we drove back to Schaumburg, picked up our stuff, and headed toward Utah! We drove out of Illinois, through boring corn-infested Iowa, boring flat Nebraska, boring cow-infested Wyoming, and into Utah where we immediately went to the airport and met up with my brother Jake who just got back from his mission!

The trip wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Dad Hanks flew out and helped us drive back, which enabled me to sit in the back with Brooklyn and keep her from crying. She even helped navigate. Jennie's Atlas was her favorite toy and provided hours of peace and quiet for the rest of us!

On our way back, Brooklyn exploded just when we ran out of wipes. Dad was nice enough to use up all of the wet wipes at McDonald's to get her clean before we got back in the car. Ewww! It was quite the process.

We eventually got home to Kaysville, where we would spend the next two weeks, right on time to say happy birthday to Grandpa Smith and eat all of his cake and M&M's. Woohoo! What timing.

Grandma Smith even got a little play time in before we went to bed and surprisingly enough, Brooklyn handled all the new faces quite well for having spent the whole summer with just her mommy.
Well...we spent the next two weeks, as previously mentioned, in Kaysville where we made a hideous mess while living out of suitcases and driving back and forth between Kaysville and Provo in order to clean all of our stuff out of our old evil apartment. Lucky for us, mom and dad Hanks were very patient and never once mentioned or complained about our slovenly state of being. Thanks mom and dad! For letting us stay and helping us get home!

More to come later...we got really behind!


Beccarigg said...

Yeah! Welcome back to the blogging world! I've missed you my friend! Great post, LOVED the pictures of Brooklyn, she is just abolutely the most precious thing I've ever seen! I can't wait to get her here and squeeze her yummy cheeks!

That's a nice mess you made up in Kaysville. We had to stay at a hotel for almost a week before we moved into our new place and it was a sty. That happens when you live out of suitcases. Thank goodness the hotel fairies came and cleaned up after us every day. I miss them.

Liz Uda said...

I am so glad you married into such a fun loving family, that takes such good care of my sister, and my niece. I love you guys