Monday, April 28, 2014

January in Pictures

January started and ended pretty much the same way...

Cold and snowy!

Which caused more than a few bad  hair days.

But also allowed for some fun adventures...

And some fantastic family time!

As you can see... the snow didn't keep us from having fun! Kevin and I got to go to a Bulls game!

And he and the girls spent a lot of time playing in the igloo they helped to build!

But it was still redonkulously cold...

And snowy!

 But that's OK. At least the birth of my niece Nori brought us a few more rays of sunshine!!!

My girls are totally in love with her! They keep asking when I'm gonna make them one!

I think Kevin might be a little in love with her as well :)

Yup! January was cold and snowy... but also quite WONDERFUL!

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