Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cold can't stop THIS party!

January brought us a polar vortex and the coldest, longest, snowy-est winter Chicago has on record! There was so much snow that Kevin and the girls were able to help build, not one, but TWO igloos in my sisters backyard! AND despite the bitter cold, we were still able to party like it was 1999!!

And THIS girl wouldn't have it any other way. Especially since January also brought about her 6th birthday!

She asked for a RAINBOW themed party, which I was VERY grateful for since it only required some construction paper and food coloring! Also, I would be lying if I said I wasn't relieved that she didn't choose a "Frozen" party theme like most little girls her age. I might have died if I had to listen to "Let it Go" a  kazillion times in one day!

Anyway, I had fun making the cupcakes and decorations, but was especially pleased with the leftover-wrapping-paper-table-cloth that we put out for the kids to color! (Kevin's idea!)

The kids loved coloring on the table and it kept them busy while we cooked frozen pizza and set out their lunch. And by the way, this little guy just happens to be Brooklyn's big Kindergarten crush!

Look at all their hard work! We have some real artists on our hands.

After coloring and pizza eating, it was time for games! First off was a trek through our "laser beam" obstacle coarse to find the magical unicorn horn suckers! (Suckers that look like unicorn horns, not creatures who walk around sucking on unicorn case you were wondering.)

Then the kids had to protect a magical dragon egg (balloon) from touching the hot lava ground that only THEY could touch because of the magic shoes they were wearing. This was by far their favorite game and they played it forever!

Last, but not least, was the tried and true Red Light, Green Light game! Amazing how a game that involves nothing more than stopping and going never gets old :)

After games the kids each took turns sharing a wonderful gift with Brooklyn! She was given so much art stuff, I won't have to entertain her until her next birthday! Yay me!

In the end, we sang a lovely rendition of the Birthday Song and then stuffed our faces with some very yummy confetti cupcakes!

It was so much fun that we hardly remembered good old Chicago was under a deep freeze! Amazing what a little fun can do for you!

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Jennie said...

You are seriously the best mom ever! What a fun little party. I'm enlisting you in advance if I ever have a girl that needs a party. Well done and don't freeze your butt off out there :)