Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shriner's Luau and Brooklyn's 1st Show!

On October 19th, Brooklyn got to join Kevin and I in her very first luau as an entertainer for the halau I dance for! It was amazing for me to finally have one of my children sharing in something that I love so much, especially because it was her choice to do so!

Brooklyn was adorable in her costumes and spent weeks practicing hard for the big show (that took place in an airport hangar...much to Kevin's delight!)

I took Brooklyn around before the show and explained to her how all the stage entrances would work, and where she would stand. She really just soaked it all in.

In the meantime, Lily was being a fantastic support in her little mu'u mu'u. She sat quietly where we had asked her to stay and cheered loudly after each performance. People seemed to be just as impressed with her after the show as they were with Brooklyn :)

Brooklyn had one little friend who danced with her, which was good because she still needed to peek over her shoulder quite a bit to remember her moves!

She did great on all her dances and was a major star during her Tahitian performance and her solo during the poi ball number with Kevin and I.

 I was so proud of her when we finished, I felt like my face would burst from smiling so big! Unfortunately, I can not get the video to post to YouTube for your viewing pleasure, so this picture of her in her Maori costume before we left for the show will have to do :(

We had a blast dancing for the Shriners and were so glad to share such a neat experience with our kiddos. Can't wait for next season and many more shows with my sweet little family!

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Beccarigg said...

There really are no words for how precious Brooklyn looks in her dance costumes. I think it's so cool that you guys can share that passion together. Totally jealous :)