Sunday, January 5, 2014

October in Pictures...

Aside from our adventures with luaus and Halloween, October held a lot of other fun surprises and adventures for us this year:

We got to watch our neighbor (who Brooklyn may or may not have a crush on) play football at his Senior year Homecoming game! And his team WON!

We spent some time Geo-caching in nearby parks.

Kevin finally finished the trebuchet that he started building with the young men in our ward last October.

Brooklyn and Lily practiced their biking, scooter, and pump giving skills.

Kevin practiced being creepy.

We had a blast playing in the parks with all the wonderful weather we were having.

We got to hike through Waterfall Glenn again...

which was helpful in getting all 3 of my kids wiggles out :)

We babysat and played with baby Mason (Brooklyn's biggest obsession in life.)

I sewed lots of crafts for the Helping Hallie Bazaar and 5K that our ward helped to throw. (P.S. Kevin won the 5K by a landslide!

We celebrated Kevin's birthday...which we somehow forgot to take ANY pictures of except this one of our friend Robert building an iPhone microscope for Kevin as a present. (Kevin also received a pretty dope bike to help with his commute to work, and an awesome Bishopric survival kit from my sister and her family!)

And Kevin spent a week in Alaska hiking, running, eating, and of course, working!

More to come about our Halloween...Next!

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Beccarigg said...

Ah October, with it's warm sunny days. Seems like forever ago when you look out the window at the frozen tundra now :) Love all the pics, especially the girls on their bikes, makes me smile. Also I think I have some pics of Kevin getting his bike on his b-day, I'll send them to you so you can add them to this post for your blog book.