Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kevin's Metric Century ride on the 4th of July!

On the 4th of July, our little family woke up early, hopped in the car, and drove an hour and a half out of town so Kevin could participate in a Metric Century ride! For those who don't know what that means... a regular Century is 100 miles, turn that over to the metric system and it becomes 63 miles! When we arrived we realized that it was more of an organized bike ride with a couple hundred friends then it was a race. Nonetheless, Kevin lined his bike with Gu packs, hooked up his iPhone, pumped his tires, and headed out on his long journey.

 But not before his number one fans gave him lots of hugs, snuggles, kisses, and encouragement!

Then he was off! Out of the parking lot and down the long empty road he went, and where he went after that will forever remain a mystery to us all...

It was exciting watching him ride down the long country road and then disappear of in the distance, but it also signaled the beginning of a new era...

The era of waiting... And we didn't know how long we would BE waiting! So we waited... and goofed off... and waited... and made friends... and waited... and explored our surroundings...

 ...and waited... and watched all the interesting people passing by... and waited some more...

Until FINALLY our ever buff and handsome hero returned from his long journey into nothingness! (About 3hours and 45 minutes after he began.)

Upon his triumphant arrival, Kevin was greeted with more hugs and snuggles and kisses, although this time they were a little sweaty-ish :)

And then we all went to meet the other people who had ridden with Kevin the entire way. Turns out Kevin is REALLY good at making new friends no matter what he happens to be doing when the opportunity presents itself :) And he is also really good at riding his fancy bike for very long periods of time!

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Anonymous said...

You waited 3hrs, 45min??? I didn't intend on you and the girls having to go and wait that long. In fact I didn't intend on you and girls going at all. I just thought I would sign up Kevin so that he could get an opportunity to ride with some other people before riding with 1500-2000 Lotoja riders. I'm sorry you had to wait with the girls that long.

And now you'll have to wait a whole weekend while he rides with me.

I owe you big time!!

Dad Hanks