Monday, September 2, 2013

July in Pictures...

July was a very fun and busy month for us, and not just because of the Independence Day holiday! Once the fireworks were long gone, we still had plenty of fun lined up on our schedule!

On July 13th we took our girls to the Taste of Westmont fair on Main Street. First up on our list of things to ride was the giant Ferris wheel.

The girls loved all the different rides and couldn't have been happier than they were when they got their faces painted. They even collected a LOT of free things just for being so cute!

And right before we left, they got to break boards with their bare hands (and a lot of help from the instructor). It was a blast!

On July 19th, the girls went to my sister Becca's house to celebrate cousin Brinley's birthday! They stayed the night so Auntie Becca could watch them the next day while mom and dad went to a baseball game, and while they were there, they even got to go to a pioneer day celebration!

On the 20th, Kevin and I got to drive downtown and attend our very first White Sox game! We were even lucky enough to be there on Star Wars day! It was so much fun to have a date with Kevin and share such a fun experience. Plus, it was FREE and we WON!

On July 23rd, Kevin and I drove out to Wisconsin to dance for our Church's Girls Camp! We met my sister Becca there and danced together for the first time in 9 years!

We also taught two of our ward's young women a Tahitian number that they performed. Then, while we were there, we taught the entire group of girls a dance. It was SO much fun and I wish we could have stayed all night!

But alas, we needed to get home to pick up our tired little girls at 1am from our friend's house. Our friend's little boy is the same age as Lily, and it appears that they had a very fun time together while they waited for us to come home.

On July 25th, a large group of moms from my ward met at the Brookfield Zoo for a little play date. The girls had so much fun checking out the animals and playing with their friends. And we even discovered the zoo has a splash pad!

And just for fun, during the month of July we decided to work on replacing the ugly fire pit in our backyard. Here are the before and after pictures for all who care to see :)


Jennie said...

Oh man! You guys are rocking the home improvements! I can't wait to come out and fire pit it up with you :) Looks like the girls are staying cute as always. Miss your guts!

Beccarigg said...

the girls look so dang flippin' cute in their pioneer garb! I'm sorry I forgot to send you more pictures. Also the day you and Kevin came to girls camp may have been the best day of my whole summer :) Seriously that was so awesome dancing with you and having you guys there for the fireside. This whole living close to each other thing is the bomb!

Liberty said...

I loved the dancing at girls camp and I'm so glad you were able to come!!! Also, LOVE the fire pit....I think we need to come over for some roasted marshmallows and starburst!!! {They are my favorite!}