Sunday, October 30, 2011

A VERY Late Post on some VERY Awesome Visitors!

So, do you remember that time... a while back... when Kevin's cousin Eric came to visit? Well, exactly one weekend after that, Eric's older brother Andrew brought his family out from Michigan for a weekend visit! (Yes, I know we are SOOO lucky, and I am SOOO behind on blogging!)

Andrew, Sharon, and Eve arrived in the evening on September 1st and were able to visit and relax with us for awhile before we sent the kiddos off to bed in preparation for a long day of travel the next morning. Then on Friday morning they took off for Nauvoo for a little site seeing before returning to our house for a good night's sleep!

The following day, we hopped on the train and headed downtown for a little more site seeing... Chicago style!

Once we got downtown, we took a water taxi to Michigan Ave where we could start checking out all the awesome architecture. On the way there, Brooklyn discovered a little port hole on the side of the boat where she and her kitty Prance saw the world from a different perspective. I took this picture of her by leaning over the boat and hanging the camera over the hole from the outside of the boat... Then I got busted for hanging over the boat! (Totally worth it!)

After we finished our little boat tour, we hauled our strollers up a couple dozen stairs and onto Michigan Ave where we began taking in the sites and sounds of Chicago.

And it was a beautiful day (although a bit warm for the time of year) to see Chicago!

It was also super nice to have another couple around to take pictures!

Kevin and I usually end up taking pictures of ourselves everywhere we go... kind of like this one of us at the Willis Tower (AKA Sears Tower).

But with the Smith's hangin' out, we were able to get a shot with the whole family! (Of course, that didn't mean Brooklyn and Lily were actually looking at the camera!)

Amidst all the camera sharing, we even got a great shot of Kevin and Andrew (and a random lady in the background) at The Bean!

At the end of our afternoon tour, we headed over to these fountains to let the girls splash around while we all cooled off our feet.

And then we grabbed some Popsicles for good measure... and I don't think the girls minded one bit!

That night we all slept like babies and were able to wake up the next day refreshed for some Sunday chillaxin! We tried multiple times to get pictures of all the girls in their Sunday attire the next morning, but this is the best shot I could get. They were just so distracted by each other! :)

When we got home from church later that day, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner and some more good conversation before bedtime. The Smith's drove back home the next morning packing with them much love from us and our girls. We had a great time with all three of them and can't wait until our next visit!


Tau said...

Fun trip...I like how that lady looks like she is posing for your pic with Kev and Eric. She is all up in ur Kool-aid!

Beccarigg said...

Whoa! Andrew is a Dad. Trippy! I love that you got busted for taking that pic of Brooklyn. Totally worth it! I have lost many a camera trying to get a good pic. Always worth it. : ) Also love it when random people are posing in the background of your pics. hahaha! love it!