Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day Weekend 2011

Since I got to spend Mother's Day drifting in the ocean on a Caribbean Cruise, I felt it was only fair to allow Kevin 3 full days of Father's Day celebration!

The girls and I started those celebrations on Saturday with a Worship Wall for Daddy!

Later in the day we took Daddy shopping for some new work pants and shirts. That might not sound very exciting, but if you know Kevin, you also know that he sweats all day long and can never keep cool! Thus, he was very excited to get pants made with special "cool max" technology, and a shirt made out of technical running fabric! Kevin DEFINITELY liked his mini shopping spree!

Sunday morning Kevin requested a waffle and strawberry breakfast. So, we granted his request and then took it up a notch by decorating the waffles like watermelon and adding some homemade buttermilk syrup!

The meal was enjoyed by all, but especially Lily who was not above licking her excess syrup off the plate in front of everyone :)

When the syrup was finally rinsed out of every one's hair and ears, we all got dressed for church. I tried to take a picture of the girls with their Dad but it is REALLY hard to get them both to stay still and smile at the same time... Oh well!

After church we enjoyed a nice walk with Daddy. It was a beautiful afternoon and the girls loved running around and climbing trees with their buff Dad!

When we were all walked out, we returned home to make Kevin the cheese enchiladas he had requested for dinner. They might not look like they turned out that great, but let me tell you... They were the BEST enchiladas I EVER had! (and Kevin agreed.) I'd never made enchiladas myself so I just winged it with what we had in the house. Luckily, when our friends (the Noorda's) moved, they left us with a bunch of their homemade salsas. I used a green one for the inside, and red for the outside and it made a world of difference! Mmmmmmm!

And to top off the evening, I made Kevin some Thousand Dollar Bars. Yummo!!!!

The dessert was also enjoyed by all, but especially Kevin who got to take all the leftovers to work to eat by himself (so, that mommy wouldn't eat them all in a single sitting, by HERSELF!)

On Monday, we decided to end the celebrations with a trip to our swimming pool where Kevin and the girls swam, splashed, squirmed, squealed and flew until their hearts were content! It was a wonderful end to our 3 day celebration and a great reminder of why we are all so grateful to have Kevin in our lives! Happy Father's Day Kevin! We love you!!!


Beccarigg said...

Looks like a DEEE-Licious Father's day! You definitely treated your man like a king with all that good cooking. Do share the Enchilada recipe, Taber loves him some good Mexican food. Also Lily looks so precious in Teya's old dress. Total cuteness : )

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

Yes please share the recipe! You and Becca are so good with birthdays and Father's Day. I suck at those things. For Malia's birthday we grabbed a leftover 1/4 loaf of banana bread someone gave us and stuck 2 candles in it and sang happy birthday. For Father's Day, to my credit, I did get a card and have the kids sign it, then gave Ro a shirt and tie right out of the bag as he was getting ready for church.

Heidi said...

Wow, those girls are getting bigger and cuter. (I didn't think they could get cuter?!?!?) You two are such fun parents! Happy Father's Day, Kevin!

Tau said...

Very good...those bars look awesome. Happy belated Father's Day Kev! It's great to be a dad.

Sarah said...

How in the world did I miss all these posts. I don't think I'm on your email list or something. Happy fathers day to Kevin. What a great daddy. Looks like he had a wonderful day.